Wooden business card holder 【penguin】 walnut

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Wooden business card holder 【penguin】 walnut


■ It is a wooden business card holder made with laser cutting and hand finishing. As Zippo lighter it has become a mechanism to open from the side clicking. (It is structured to lock firmly so you can not come off from yourself) The extreme of laser processing! I carve one step in the base card holder of the base and embed different wood there. It is the design of "penguin". Also, there is almost no gap between the grain and the lid with a cut width of 0.2 mm of the laser cut. For that reason the beauty of the grain is uncomfortable and the joints are also natural! ! I use a walnut board. Embedding materials are wenge, mango, mulberry wood Size is approximately 68 mm × 105 mm × thickness 12 to 13 mm Finishing, even if you lick it, Osmocolor natural oil finish. (There is a simple water repellent effect) I will enter around 20 cards with regular business cards. [Kodawari point 1] Adhesion of the front and back boards inside to increase accuracy and strength We are stocking 18 bamboo shafts inside (not visible from the outside) [Kodawari point 2] We devised internal structure so that business cards will not get dirty, We devise it so that business cards touch only a minimum. 【Kodawari Point 3】 "Locking part" click! "It depends on feeling and ease of opening. [Kodawari point 4] Inside is a wood name stamp! ! [Kodawari point 5] If you wish, I will give you a name for laser engraving free of charge! If you would like please be sure to let us know in the remarks column etc! ! (We will ship when there is no contact in particular) Simple wrapping free! ! ※ Since photos are for shooting, the items we deliver will vary slightly in color and color. Please acknowledge it beforehand. ※ Parquet combination is also different from the picture. If there is stock, it can be shipped immediately, but if there is no stock it is made to order It takes 3 ~ 5 days by shipping. Production place / Production method Saga Japan / hand made


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