Mohair's rib knitted knit cap · phone knitted hat ● Make-to-order production ●

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Mohair's rib knitted knit cap · phone knitted hat ● Make-to-order production ●


It is a knit cap knitted with fluffy mohair.

I am knitting with high quality Kidmohair's wool which can be taken from Angola goat, so it is very light suffering comfort.
In a pleasant feeling which is fluffy with a slide, there is a soft shiny feeling peculiar to Moheya, and I get the impression that it gently lights up.

Regardless of age and gender, I think that everyone will suffer ♪
Since the wool itself is very pretty, I finished it with simple rib ribbing.
Since the wrapped mouth is folded back inside, it has become a good design that fits well when it suffered hardly to stretch.

Pale gentle brown is a lovely color like a small animal.
Fluffy covering, cold day is covered completely, even if it makes a comfortable silhouette is cute.
Even if you decorate with your favorite brooch or hat pin and customize it.

Material: 56% moja (Kidmohaya 36% · Super Kid mohair 20%), Wool (Merino) 44%
Size: Women's M ~ L, Men's M around. ※ This is a little loose making. Recommended for those who want to suffer comfortably relaxedly
The size of the model is 56 cm.
Approximately 25 cm of the mouth and about 22 cm in length

Hand washing with mild detergent is recommended.
Please gently push wash with lukewarm water (up to 30 ° C) without rubbing, then lightly drain and flush.
I think that it is good to let the steam of the iron float at moderate temperature and apply it to the taste and arrange the shape.

※ This item will be made after ordering. We have received your time from 1 to 4 weeks until completion.


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