4 pcs sewing needle pen insertion pen case color order


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    It is a fountain pen case tailored by hand sewing technique called sewing of plywood.
  • This will be ordered to tailor your order after receiving the order, delivery will be about one month, please contact us if you are in a hurry with gifts.

    It is a fountain pen case which is tailored only with a hand sewing called a sewing frame set.
    The case to tailor leather sewn together at right angles is a unique shape of plywood sewing.
    I made it for a fountain pen whose pen axis is thick, but you can use it by putting in your favorite pen such as a thin ballpoint pen or pencil.

    Tailored to the shape of a box shape by framing sewing, you can clip the pen and fix it.
    A partition is attached inside the case to prevent the pen from hitting each other.

    The color you can choose
    You can choose your favorite color from the 7 colors.

    You can now choose greenish blue leather and red-brown cotinella called Petrolio of Italy's Badrassi Carlo company's leather "Pueblo".

    Pueblo is a feeling that the surface of the leather has become rusty while it is brand new, but the feel is moist. The facial expression is rich and attractive even when it is new, but aging to show it as you use it is also a wonderful leather.

    You can also choose from stitching brown blue orange green green yellow red purple color black.

    "About Buttero"
    The leather called Buttero is a very fun leather with aging at the beginning of use, although it is somewhat matte texture at the beginning of use, gloss comes out and gloss comes out and color taste changes, the greatest enjoyment of leather goods You can enjoy the secular change of the year.

    Nume leather tanned with 100% vegetable tannin made by Italian walpie company cherish the texture of leather and like a line and a line of a living proof of the live of a cow said as a tiger, a blood line for a transparent dye dyeing A pattern may be seen.
    Please also understand that this also emphasizes texture and texture of all leather.
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4 pcs sewing needle pen insertion pen case color order

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