Bookmark of long-tailed tit colored with Japanese paper

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MIZUNOKI Handcraft Studio
MIZUNOKI Handcraft Studio
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Bookmark of long-tailed tit colored with Japanese paper


The fluffy round body and round eyes are the charm points of "Shimaenaga" bookmarks. The long-tailed tit, which is also called the "snow fairy" because of its lovely white appearance, Even the smallest details such as the yellow eyeshadow above the eyes are carefully colored with Japanese paper. We hope that you will use it in your daily life, such as by sandwiching it in a book or notebook, or by leaning it against a small bottle, and that you will be healed and enjoyed when you see it. ~ Points of the work ~ ◇ ◆ Colored with Japanese paper ◆ ◇ This work is molded from stone powder clay, and Japanese paper torn by hand is pasted on the surface to color it. (It is an image such as "three-dimensional version of Japanese paper chigiri-e".) It is not colored with paints, but is expressed in the color of Japanese paper itself. (Excluding some fine patterns.) The color of the work will be decided by selecting the most suitable one from more than 130 types of Japanese paper, using the actual motif of the work as a model. While reproducing the beauty, cuteness, and uniqueness of the real thing as faithfully as possible, we make use of the gentle colors and textures unique to Japanese paper to create works that are better than the real thing. In the case of this work By pasting two types of white Japanese paper on top of each other, the feeling of fluffy feathers is expressed. In addition, the detailed features of the long-tailed tit, such as the yellow eyeshadow above the eyes, are also available. All are expressed in the color of Japanese paper itself. After coloring, it is finished with a water resistant varnish and can be used outdoors. In addition, because it uses lightweight stone powder clay, it has a very light and durable finish. ~ About the specifications of the work ~ ● Materials: [Decoration (Shimaenaga)] Japanese paper, stone powder clay, varnish / [Metal fittings (bookmarks)] Brass antique / [Others] Beads ● Size: [Decoration (Shimaenaga)] Width approx. 3 cm x Length approx. 2 cm x Thickness approx. 1.5 cm / [Metal fittings (bookmark)] Overall length approx. 8.5 cm ~ Thoughts on making works ~ Handicrafts that are easy to reach and familiar to you and that blend into your daily life. With the idea of becoming such a work, I make all the works by hand from scratch. Enjoy the warmth unique to handicrafts and the unique taste of Japanese paper. We hope that you will use it as a gift for your loved ones and the colors of your daily life. ◇ ◆ Points to note when purchasing ◆ ◇ Please read this so that you can enjoy your important shopping. If you have any questions, inquiries or requests, please feel free to contact us. [Precautions for use] It is finished with waterproof varnish, but if it gets wet with water, wipe it off as soon as possible so that it can be used for a long time. Also, store it away from direct sunlight and places with high temperatures. [Because it is a handmade product, it may differ from the photo] As each item is made by hand, the shape, size, and color may differ slightly from the photos shown. Please be aware of this before ordering. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about the photos and sizes of the products in stock. [For sold-out items or orders that exceed the number of items in stock] If the number of products in stock is "0" at the moment, or if the number of orders exceeds the number in stock, we can handle it as a made-to-order product. If you wish, please contact us in advance by message.


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It is a work colored with Japanese paper. Each piece is hand-made, and every detail is carefully produced. You can feel healing and soothing from the gentle color and texture unique to Japanese paper.


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