Gem Bottle Long Necklace-Aromaoil / Perfume- No.1-4 / No.8,10-

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宝石 长链 金色 - Gem Bottle Long Necklace-Aromaoil / Perfume- No.1-4 / No.8,10-


* [This is a natural stone bottle No.1-4 / No.8 / No.10 It is a page of] The beauty of carefully selected natural stones, for people of all ages High-quality natural stone that you can enjoy throughout the year Bottle necklace. Perfume / aroma oil if you like You can put it in. Enjoy the beautiful scent anytime, anywhere With a natural stone healing power that is kind to those around you A necklace that can deliver a beautiful scent. A powerful positive energy is included in the fastener part Made in NY, also known as a gemstone Attach the Herkimer Diamond (AAA Grade) We are. ◆ Necklace chain is Chain A type [16 gold coating] I am using it, but Chain B type [14KGF design You can also choose [Inchain]. ◆ Material & Size * 16KGP / 14KGF chain: 70cm * Gemstone NY Herkimer Diamond (4mm-5mm) * Gemstone Bottle [No 1: Rose Quartz / 33x18mm / 14g] [No 2: Amethyst / 33x18mm / 14g] [No 3: Smoky Quartz / 33x18mm / 14g] [No 4: Crystal Quartz / 33x18mm / 14g] [No 8: Amazonite / 37x17mm / 13g] [No 10: Red Jasper / 37x17mm / 13g] ◆ [Amethyst] Jewel words are noble / intellect / honesty / peace of mind / noble / prevention of evil. Very strong spiritual power, intuition / calm judgment / insight Bringing up artistic talent and giving eyes to see through people Because it gives me a good encounter with the opposite sex It is said to be a stone. ◆ [Smoky Quartz] Used by the ancient Roman / Celtic people as a talisman to ward off demons and ward off evil It is also a stone that was used to harbor the energy of the earth, and the body and the earth Connect energy to bring out sleeping potential / intuition and minus It is said to be a stone that protects the owner from energy. ◆ [Crystal Quartz] Purifying, purifying / amuleting everything, meaning harmony with all things For those who are involved in gods and Buddhism because the power is a powerful stone It is also called an essential stone. Increase your potential and yours. I have a power that recognizes everything and supports me, and I have a specific wish It is a stone that can be used as a talisman without it. ◆ [Rose Quartz] It symbolizes Venus, the star of love and beauty, with unconditional love as the theme. Rose quartz shines the beauty of women, and with the love of Greek mythology. It is said to be the stone of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, and has long loved her lover. It has been popular as a talisman for nurturing romance. Feminine I want to enhance my charm / deepen ties with wonderful encounters and loved ones It is said to be a stone that supports the desire to want. ◆ [Amazonite] Amazonite with the vibration of calm is [Stone of Hope <Hope Stone>] The soul advances with a bright and hopeful energy called It is said to be a stone that acts as a guide to show the way to go. Also, for the plus and minus of things / light and shadow, body and spirit, etc. Even though it is a stone with power that keeps the balance It is said that it is close to the owner's heart and stabilizes the mind. Gently aim for dreams and goals while adjusting the balance of mind and body Will guide you. ◆ [Red Jasper] When worn, it can resonate with the energy of the sun. It is said to be a stone with the energy of the sun since ancient times. It has been worshiped by peoples of various regions as a [holy stone]. It is a stone. In ancient Peru. It is a talisman as a stone that protects itself from danger. It is also said to have been used for amulets. It also improves circulation in the body and enhances the vitality of the owner. Attract money / Expand harmony with people / Improve work luck / It is also said to improve communication skills. ◆ [NY Herkimer Diamond] Quartz produced only in Herkimer, NY, USA. The strata to be mined are about 5 where NY was still at the bottom of the sea It is said that it was born around 100 million years ago. Unprocessed A shape with sharp edges that gives off a strong luster even in the state (Double point) is characteristic, but here Space energy is collected from the double point It is also said to have excellent purification ability. It is also famous as a gemstone, but also known as a dream Also known as Crystal, it fulfills the wishes of its owner / To awaken the sleeping talent and bloom It is also called a gemstone to help. ■ This 14KGF necklace has plants "Oxidation / discoloration prevention" that is gentle on the skin derived from the ingredients We have applied a coating agent. With this processing from many customers "I don't have a metal allergic reaction" We have received many happy voices. * (The 14KGF chain we are using is "20K" on 14KGF material for "oxidation / discoloration prevention" (Carat) gold coating It has been given)


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Enjoy the beautiful scent anytime, anywhere With natural stone healing power that is kind to those around you A necklace that can deliver a beautiful scent.


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