Towel pouch * black cat Zurari ...


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  • Black cat took a Zurari ..., it uses the fabric of the towel.

    Half of the pouch using a plain fabric, a little chic image. Fasteners use a 20 cm zipper. So that the passbook case, and although I made thought, slightly than passbook size have been designed to larger (longer).
    Freely, I think that ... if you can put various things.

    In the fabric, such as plain fabrics and large dot fabric, cold colors (navy blue, black, etc.) uses the base of the tint dough. Photo those of dot fabric. For the inner cloth, and by changing the fabric at any given time, does not offer specified (to be worried about, the current in the fabric is something, please ask a question).
    It puts the inside pocket of ... and smaller to put card.

    In the black cat, and sometimes it contains Shironeko. Design is different depending on the location of the fabric so you do not offer the appointment. In the photo we have multiple reflected, but the amount of money is the price of one point.

    If you could only here of goods, can be shipped at the click post (nationwide 164 yen).

    As horizontal 20cm vertical 12㎝: size. Machi There is no.
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Towel pouch * black cat Zurari ...

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