Small Heart Pure Gold Earrings ◇ K24 Pure Gold Heart ◇ Pure Gold Earrings / Hook Clip ◇ One Ear

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Sae+Sumi Koru
Sae+Sumi Koru
1~3 天前
1 日内
其他金属 耳环/耳夹 - Small Heart Pure Gold Earrings ◇ K24 Pure Gold Heart ◇ Pure Gold Earrings / Hook Clip ◇ One Ear


K24, solid gold clipable earrings. Simple and moderately sized heart design that you want to use every day Each one is carefully cut out of pure gold, forged with a hammer, and hammered. Pure gold earrings with a hammer at the ear reflect the light with good quality glitter Instead of plating, everything inside is made of pure gold. I want to make gold jewelry that even people with metal allergies can enjoy with confidence It was produced from the trouble of the author who cannot attach K18 piercing. Even with titanium (the titanium hooks of accessory parts are not pure titanium, so the author can not wear it because it is itchy.) For those who have a metal allergic reaction, In most cases, K24 (pure gold) does not seem to cause a metal allergic reaction. Pure gold which is very stable chemically and does not have to worry about discoloration. Positive and strong energy like the sun, its beauty has fascinated people since ancient times. The brilliance of pure gold feels the power of the strong “yang” that seems to cheer up your heart brightly ... か Utilizing the soft nature of pure gold, you can use it by inserting a hook through the piercing hole and then holding the earlobe like a clip. (See wearing image) Because it is fixed quickly, you can use it with confidence. 打 ち It is made with a hammer and has a moderate hardness, but it is very soft as a property of pure gold. By taking advantage of this characteristic, you can open and remove the clip when attaching or detaching it, or you can clip it. * Quantity 1 is the price of one earring. If you want both ears like the image, please purchase in quantity 2. Size: About 4 × 4 × 0.35mm from the heart to about 6mm from the top of the heart to the head of the hook ※ Welded part (with brazing) uses 12 gold brazing. Although it is a small part, please avoid those who are worried about allergic reactions. (For reference, authors with metal allergies use without any problems.) ◇ K24 stamp is stamped on the back. 手 作 り For each one is handmade, the expression is slightly different. 返 Returns are not allowed due to hygiene considerations. 方 If you are worried about an accident during delivery, please select one of Yamato and Yupack. Copy right 2015-- Sae + Sumi Koru all right reserved. All works are protected by copyright law.


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