Smart Fit Gamaguchi Backpack M Size Made in Japan Leather Products All 5 Colors Unisex M Size jb-77-m [Customizable Gift]

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Japlish Leather Goods Made in JAPAN
Japlish Leather Goods Made in JAPAN
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Smart Fit Gamaguchi Backpack M Size Made in Japan Leather Products All 5 Colors Unisex M Size jb-77-m [Customizable Gift]

商品介绍 **The creator who has made various backpacks made it with the desire to "make a leather backpack that is really easy to use".** I wanted to overturn the stereotype that leather backpacks are heavy, hard, and lacking in functionality. I have made various leather backpacks at the leather workshop where I used to work and at Japlish. At the same time, I was dissatisfied with the fact that "I love the atmosphere of leather backpacks, but when I carry them on my back, they don't fit my back and put a heavy burden on my shoulders." Therefore, we proceeded with the development of a backpack that realizes luggage loading and unloading, multiple pockets that can be sorted, and a shoulder that is comfortable to carry on the back, and finally this smart fit is a backpack. We are particular about three points: soft leather specifications that fit the body nicely, multiple pockets in addition to the main body storage, and shoulder specifications that are a combination of PP tape and leather that can be fine-tuned to reduce the burden on the shoulders. **The opening of the main body uses a metal fitting for fixing the frogmouth type. This makes it possible to open and close with one touch.** The front has a large zipper pocket with a width of about 24 cm and a height of 27 cm. (The zipper opening is 25 cm high) The large size of this front pocket makes it a very suitable pocket for thin items such as smartphones and notebooks. "If you use PP tape for the entire shoulder, the leather backpack is a waste." "But if the entire shoulder is made of leather, fine adjustments cannot be made this time, and the shoulders of the clothes are easily damaged." In order to eliminate both anxieties, the main shoulder part, which is the shoulder of the shoulder belt, is a "combination of leather and PP tape". Shoulder length: The length from the base of the shoulder to the base of the side is about 45 cm at the shortest and about 90 cm at the longest, and the size can be adjusted freely during that time. **■■■ Limited quantity product [miffy coins] can be purchased for 700TWD / 191HKD / 3000 yen ■■■** If you purchase [miffy coins] with japlish products, the miffy coin case, which is usually 4500 yen, will be further discounted from the current SALE price of 3500 yen! **[Miffy coins] can be purchased for 700TWD / 191HKD / 3000 yen per piece!** The miffy coin case, which is also popular as a gift, is available in two colors, white and beige. ▼ miffy coin case product page ▼ ■ 5 color development ・ Camel ..... the most popular that you can enjoy aging ・ Chocolate ..... calm colors that can be used in any scene ・ Green ..... Deep and exquisite colors are popular ・ Red ..... Elegant red that is not vivid ・ Black ..... A chic standard color that is resistant to dirt [Size and specifications] ・ Width: 26 cm ・ Height: 34 cm ・ Depth: 11 cm ・ Weight: 1000g ■ Product specifications ■ Sewing machine thread color: Color that matches the leather color of the main body Flag embroidery: Austria Pockets: 3 places Material: Cowhide Metal fittings: Iron Thread: Polyester [S size jb-77-s popular with women] [Large-capacity L size jb-77-l that can be used for a trip of 2 nights and 3 days] **★ Free shipping to Asia such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Singapore, Japan ★** **Best Seller of Japlish** **Long wallet / Bi-fold wallet / Anotther wallet** **Pouch / Glass case / Coincase** **Keycase ・ Variety goods** **Stationery** **Bag / Ruck / Tote** **View all products** **★ If you purchase more than one, you will get a discount from the total amount! ★** ◆ Purchase 2 items ・ ・ ・ NTD: 126 (HKD: 35) is discounted ◆ Purchase 3 items ・ ・ ・ NTD: 253 (HKD: 70) is discounted NTD: 126 (HKD: 35) will be discounted for each additional point. * The discount amount may vary depending on the currency rate. **You can change the sewing thread and Embroidery thread for free. !! You can enjoy the original specifications.** **Easy to change! Please fill in the message field.** ■ Enter**"Sewing thread: red, Embroidery: green, white, navy from the top"**in the message field. ■ 11 colors of threads can be used ... white, red, green, lightblue, navy, kahki, black, gold. Brown, yellow, purple Even if you change the thread or embroidery, the delivery time will be the same as usual and it will be shipped in about 6 days. Please rest assured and enjoy leather products with your own specifications! **[Sewn nameplates for small products]** **[Name tag with strap for bag]** Name engraving service is available for 300 yen (about 75NTD / 21HKD). If you wish to have your name stamped, please add the following to your cart along with the estimated purchase price. Then enter the spelling of your name in the message field. * The above product price is displayed at 800 yen (196TWD / 54HK). However, multiple discounts will be applied by adding it to the cart with the product. → Please be assured that the name stamping fee will actually be 300 yen (73TWD / 20HK). **[Small products: Precautions for sewing nameplates]** ■ The alphabet is capitalized and the number of characters is 10 or less. * Lowercase letters are not possible ■ No matter what color you choose for the leather of the product, the color of the nameplate is light brown. ■ Purchase the following additional charge items together with the desired product, and enter the spelling of the name in the message field, such as [T.DANG]. **[Notes on bags ... name tags with straps]** ■ Uppercase alphabet and up to 15 characters. * Lowercase letters are not possible ■ No matter how many leather colors you choose, the color of the name tag with straps is light brown. ■ Please purchase the following additional charge items together with your desired product and enter the spelling of your name in the message field, such as [JANGO.DANG]. After checking the above notes, please add the following name price to the cart. **■ Japlish is an atelier born in Fukuoka, Japan in 2009.** Two male makers and one female photographer make leather products. There are the following three commitments in production. **1: Reliable made in Japan** Warm leather products made by skilled Japanese craftsmen. The leather used is Japanese cowhide with a moderate thickness. It is a very sturdy leather product that you can use for a long time. **2: Orders that can be enjoyed at no additional charge** I don't have it in stock and I make it after receiving an order. Therefore, you can enjoy the original specifications by changing the sewing thread and embroidery for free. **3: Rapid production / shipping system** Ships within 7 days of ordering. Overseas delivery is an international packet and the delivery time is 5 to 10 days.


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Shipping fee: Free / Order-Shipping days: 5-7 days / Shipping-Delivery days: 5-10 days The creator who has made various backpacks made it with the desire to "make a leather backpack that is really easy to use".


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