Niginigi * grip Amitabha like Kokeshi * 3 *


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  • ☆ Niginigi * grip Amitabha like Kokeshi * 1 *

    At any time, me watching over
    At any time, me encouragement
    At any time, give me a peace of mind
    I want to be like that Amitabha like and ... together forever!

    So! !

    ☆ Amitabha like to live in the palm of your hand is we have the birth ...: * · °

    When I depressed, sad time, when you do not have to be holding back with a jerk
    The Amida like in your pocket, ... in the palm of your hand

    While you are holding Niginigi, your feelings will be made to calm.
    And when you're tired, you could be active as a pot press!

    ★ we make a tree that is being used as aroma oil of [Cypress].
    And it is holding, palm also good scent ♪ and healing scent of such as the forest
    In cypress scent, it is very healed ♪

    ★ part of dumpling hair also, because it cut from a single tree, has become a piece.
    Even if Niginigi, not be taken even if the pot press.

    ★ according to the shape of the finger, so we put a constriction, grip comfort is good.

    - Height is about 5.7cm.
    Wood burning in the I draw the line, no varnish.
    - Since the oil from the trees are out, it comes out shiny polished with nature while being Niginigishi.

    Anything such as any questions! ♪ not please contact us (*'▽'*)
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Niginigi * grip Amitabha like Kokeshi * 3 *

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