Poppy Pearl Non-Hole Earrings June Birthstone No Earring

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Poppy Pearl Non-Hole Earrings June Birthstone No Earring


~~~ Wrapping with ❄ + 250 yen ♪ ~~~ Instagram: ralulushu works videos are also being uploaded How to make a bowl (Be sure to attach it correctly!) aFirst, find the thinnest part of your ear and insert it from there. bSlowly slide it slowly to the desired position. c Move the metal fittings and adjust to complete. If you have thin ears, reduce the width. If you have pain, open it slightly and use it according to your ears. ★ Severe bending and stretching may cause metal fatigue and breakage, so make fine adjustments only slightly at the beginning and use the same width. Metal part material: 14kgf stone: (RALULU.SHU uses real freshwater pearls, not cheap shell pearls or Swarovski pearls) Why not use shellfish pearls? The price is cheap, there is no scratches, and the shape is good, but it looks cheaper than natural pearls, and there is no elegance. (Button type) Poppy freshwater pearl (pearl): about 7.5 to 8.5mm Loose spots and scratches: There are few or few fronts, there are sides, etc. Teri: Very good * We try to shoot in colors that are as close as possible to the actual item, but please note that the impression of the light changes depending on the condition of the light. ************ This is the birthstone for June. Stone words are “health, wealth, longevity, innocence” and so on. Freshwater pearl that brings happiness Freshwater pearls are considered to be strong stones that repel disasters. It is said that it has the effect of improving the environment so that the daily lives of those who have it can be happy. Pearls are not really stones. However, freshwater pearls are said to give negative energy and sparkle their attractiveness, and because they are expected to have various other effects, they are treated as power stones. Freshwater pearls are known as love jewels because they have the power to attract evil and attract the opposite mind, and are often used in weddings. Freshwater pearls are said to have strong protection from ancient times and protect their owners. You can also expect the effect of eliminating depression and annoyance. Because it has the strongest protection, it has the power to protect children from accidents and illnesses. It has the same effect as the power of shellfish to cultivate pearls in the body, and it is also effective as a maternity and safe birth amulet. For the same reason, it is expected to have a blessing to children. Freshwater pearl that enhances femininity and is effective for beauty and health Freshwater pearls are said to be effective in enhancing women's maternity, beauty and femininity when worn, and in the old days Cleopatra is said to have been worn as a beauty charm. Wearing freshwater pearls will bring out the good aspects of women, and will have a collaborative effect. It has long been believed that this stone has the power to maintain youth and health. ************ ・ K14GF (14 gold gold filled): Unlike gold plating with a thin gold layer, a gold layer with a weight of 1/20 of the base metal is heat bonded. ************


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Original: painless earrings Teri made a very good poppy pearl non-hole earrings ~


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