Birch tree cutting plate square


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    A board that I want to use just a bit when I eat fruit and when I cut bread and cheese. I wanted to use such a scene, I
  • "I would like to use knives and knives, but it is not about cutting boards and cutting boards for cooking ..." In such cases, if there is a thin and light board that can be taken out and used quickly.

    A board that I want to use just a bit when I eat fruit and when I cut bread and cheese. I wanted to use such a scene, I made a thin and light solid cutting board.
    I cut it and use it as a plate as it is, so I named it a cutting plate.

    These small chopping boards are unexpectedly seldom found. Solid wood with birch, I use materials that will make the taste as good as I use it. Although it is a bit use, I did not use it to some extent to replace it, but aimed for good making that I could associate for a long time.

    Like other cutting boards of PINT, we are asking furniture craftsman Yasushi Shimizu to produce it.
    Pretty wood grain and gloss that makes you feel the power of wood is unique to craftsmen who specialize in woodwork furniture. Good material and wood thorns. By oil paint finish, the tree keeps breathing.
    It is as thin as possible with solid wood and made with thickness that is not dangerous even if you use knives. The side is slightly diagonally scraped inward, so it is shaped to be easily lifted by hand.

    Because it is a simple thing called a cutting board, the quality of the material, the design of details, attention stand out. Especially if it continues to use everyday, it is still more. When used, it gradually becomes more prominent and a good taste comes out.

    Size is a square that can make full use of space while using small spaces but small turning. For breakfast you can cook bread, fruits, supper, even potatoes, onions, carrots, leeks and so on are sufficient in this size.

    The thickness is 1.5 cm, making it nearly 40% thinner than the cutting board (2.4 cm) of PINT. Of course it is lighter by that amount.

    Birch has moderate weight, slightly harder tree. It is easy to match the table with elegant texture.

    [Material] Birch (Hippo) Domestic wood

    【Finishing】 Oil finish

    【Size】 Width 20 cm × length 20 cm × thickness 1.5 cm
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Birch tree cutting plate square

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