Round Tote Bag [Off x Navy]

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A round tote bag of No. 8 cotton jute (50% cotton 50% hemp) and extra thick oil.


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Round Tote Bag [Off x Navy]


A round tote bag of No. 8 cotton jute (50% cotton 50% hemp) and extra thick oil. With a dot button in the opening, you can enjoy changing the shape ♪ There is a dart on the bottom, and it gets rounder and more round when you put your luggage A cute silhouette with a colon. The fabric is driven with jute (burlap) dyed on the weft, The nep peculiar to jute gives a feeling of marbling and is finished in a rough texture. Jute is an ecological material that is friendly to the global environment and contributes to the prevention of global warming. Carbon dioxide (CO2) absorption is 5-6 times that of ordinary trees, There is a function to suppress global warming. In addition, even if the product is incinerated, it does not produce harmful substances and can be buried in the soil. It is completely decomposed by bacteria and returns to the soil, so it does not pollute the environment. Although it is such an eco-material, like the 5th photo, moles due to natural fibers (spots on the surface) and Major manufacturers are afraid of complaints due to the presence of Ekbo (texture disturbance due to thick and thin yarn) Almost no use. In CHO-Leather, this is the biggest personality of jute and made this bag. Although there are individual differences depending on the part, I think that you can purchase it to those who can understand. The leather is an extremely thick cowhide shrink oil leather, about 3.5mm. Moreover, it is a fat-filled oil that contains plenty of oil. Even though it is thick, it is very soft, and the taste comes out enough to use ^^ There is one pocket inside. Size: Approximately 41cm in length × 47cm in width Handle part approximately 50cm Color: Off x Navy I hope you can use it in various situations. * Jute materials (especially dark) may transfer due to wetness. Also, please be aware that the color may be transferred to other clothing when it gets wet due to friction (especially when it is wet) or sweat or rain. * This product uses natural leather. Because leather is a natural material, there are some scratches, wrinkles, uneven color, etc. for each product part. Slightly different colors and wrinkles. Also, please be careful of the following points when handling. -Avoid bending or twisting the product. This may cause the bracket to come off or be damaged. ・ Color may be transferred to other clothing due to rain or sweat. If it gets wet, drain it with a soft cloth and lightly dry it. -Discoloration, fading, curing, and mold loss due to wet or prolonged use are inevitable. ・ When cleaning the leather, use a leather cleaner. If the bracket is dirty, wipe it lightly with a soft cloth. ・ When storing, please store in a dry and cool place. * Depending on the light level at the time of shooting and your PC screen environment, The actual color may differ slightly from the image.


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