Liberty iphone6 ​​6S pocketbook type leather case land • of • Dreams

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Liberty iphone6 ​​6S pocketbook type leather case land • of • Dreams


Tailored the Liberty on the cover, is a notebook-type iphone6 6S case.

* Iphone6 case, will fit either iphone6S case.

* On your read certainly to "please read to the last minute before you buy", thank you for your purchase.

○ notebook inner belt portion Reza made card pocket with two notes purse.

○ Liberty fabric Rando • of • Dreams (Sugar Pink)
It can be accessed only fell asleep, cloth pattern to the world of the strange dream.
The color of the lovely sugar pink, makes me the fun feeling every time you take the case to the hand.

○ strap over over over here is sold only notebook type case. It is not attached straps.
If you would like the case with a "initials and birthstone plate with tassel strap",
Please purchase the "Liberty iphone6 6S pocketbook type leather case Winter Blossom (with initials and birthstone tassel strap)". 4900 yen

○ sold in the nunotica, when it was exhibited to have cloth pattern, the order is also possible.
10 days we will send it back and forth. If this is the case, "Liberty iphone6 6S pocketbook type leather case (cloth pattern order dedicated page)"
Please buy from.

○ is the outer material water-repellent finish. We are using a secure waterproof agent in friendly natural to the human body.
Texture of the surface, there is a rough little when you compared to the texture of the only cloth. You familiar due to your use. For water-repellent it is necessary as a product, thank you for your purchase of the person who can acknowledge it.

It will manufacture ○ a large cloth was cut, the cut point, differs cloth pattern slightly.
On your note, please purchase.

○ "Notes of the time of purchase," ○
* If you deliver the goods there is a failure by any chance, after your contact, thank you for your return by cash on delivery. As soon as the commodity arrives, inspect, we will immediately a full refund of the price.

* When using the camera, there are times when being reflected the reflected light and shadows by the environment. In that case it is recommended to be taken to remove the.

* The notebook of the surface has been applied a water-repellent, but is water-repellent, because it is not a completely waterproof, should be such as wipe as soon as exposed to water.

* Carefully wholeheartedly, but we have every single production, different from the off-the-shelf machine finish. Because it is handmade goods, some of the cut of the distortion, there is the case that there is such as unevenness of the water-repellent (by the color of the fabric, the unevenness of the water-repellent might easy to understand). Them, the person who can be taken as "handmade of taste", thank you for your order of those who can be your purchase on recognizing the difference between off-the-shelf.
Origin / production method
Origin Japan handmade


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