Liberty iphone 6 6S Notebook Type Leather Case Land · Dreams

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It is an iphone case made by Liberty.



Liberty iphone 6 6S Notebook Type Leather Case Land · Dreams


It is a notebook type iphone 6 6S case with Liberty on the cover. * Both iphone 6 case and iphone 6 S case fit. * Please be sure to read on "Please read to the end before purchasing" before purchasing. ○ Inside the notebook Belt part--made of leather Card case with two insert note. ○ Liberty material-land of Dreams (Sugar Pink) A cloth pattern that expresses the world of a mysterious dream that can not enter without falling asleep. The lovely sugar pink color makes it fun every time you take the case. ○ Strap--This is the sale only of the notebook type case. There is no strap attached. If you would like a case with a "Tassel Strap with Initial & Birthstone Plate", Please purchase "Liberty iphone 6 6S Notebook Type Leather Case Winter Blossom (with Initial & Birthstone Tassel Strap)". 4900 yen ○ If it is a fabric that is sold and exhibited within nunotica, it is also possible to order. We will ship it 10 days in advance. In that case, “Liberty iphone 6 6S notebook type leather case (cloth pattern order dedicated page)” Please purchase from. ○ Outer water repellant finish. We use a natural and safe waterproofing agent that is kind to the human body. The texture of the surface is slightly rougher than the texture of the cloth alone. I am familiar with use. Water repellant processing is required as a product, so please purchase it if you can approve it. ○ The cloth pattern will be slightly different depending on where it is cut because it is manufactured by cutting a large cloth. Please note on your purchase. ○ "Notes on purchase" ○ * If there is a problem with the delivered product, please return it by cash on delivery after contacting us. As soon as the product arrives, we will check it and we will give you a full refund. * Reflected light and shadow may be reflected depending on the environment when using a camera. In that case, it is recommended to remove and shoot. * The surface of the notebook has a water repellent finish, but it is water repellent and not completely waterproof, so wipe it immediately if it gets wet. * Politely put your heart and make one by one, but it is different from machine-finished products. Because it is a handmade item, there may be some distortion of the cut, unevenness of the water repellant process (the color of the fabric may make the unevenness of the water repellant process easy to understand). Those who can grasp them as "the taste of handmade", please order of those who can purchase after recognizing the difference from the existing products. Production area / production method Production area Japan handmade


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