Black granite and white matte glaze mug 1

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S.A Arts & Crafts
S.A Arts & Crafts
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Black granite and white matte glaze mug 1


Black granite that has the rough texture of pottery clay and produces a calm black color. White matte glaze with attractive matte texture. This mug is made by combining the two. The wide bottom makes it a little heavy to carry, but it has a sense of stability and can be placed on the desk where you work with peace of mind. In addition, the white color of the cup shows off the color of transparent drinks such as green tea and sencha, so you can enjoy it with a variety of drinks. The combination of black granite and white matte glaze has a texture reminiscent of cookies and cream, and it looks delicious. This mug is recommended for coffee, cafe au lait, soup, etc. We have a small electric furnace and an electric potter's wheel at home, and all processes from clay kneading, molding, biscuit firing, glazing, and firing are done by hand. Although mass production is not possible, each one has its own expression, and you can enjoy the taste of manual work. The item to be delivered is the same as the product image. The contact surface with the table will be sanded and delivered. We hope that you will enjoy the texture and atmosphere unique to pottery and the calm texture of the matte glaze with your favorite drink. ーーーーーーーーーー *size and weight* ・Diameter 9.2cm Hill diameter 6.7cm Height 7.4cm ・Weight 285g ーーーーーーーーーー *Precautions for purchase and use ・Due to its characteristics, pottery is water absorbent, and in some cases, the color may stain or the water may seep out. For this reason, we ship our products after applying a waterproofing agent for tableware to stop water, so there is no need to seal the products. It takes 2-3 days for the water stoppage process, so the period from order to shipment is 5 days. Please let us know at the time of purchase if you do not need it after applying the waterproofing agent. ・Product images are shot and edited to look as real as possible, but they may look different depending on the monitor environment and lighting conditions. Please note. ・Since it is also sold on other sites, in the unlikely event that there are multiple purchases, it will be delivered to the person who completed the purchase procedure first. Please understand in advance. ・It can be used in a microwave oven (just warmed up) and a dishwasher, but there is a possibility that it will deteriorate faster due to the vibration caused by microwaves and the injection of hot water. I would appreciate it if you could refrain from it as much as you can. ・Please refrain from using in an oven or open flame. ・After use, to prevent stains and mold, wash thoroughly and dry thoroughly before storing in a cupboard.


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This mug is made by combining black granite with a chic atmosphere and white matte glaze with an attractive matte texture. Since the bottom part is wide, it has a sense of stability, so you can use it safely even on your desk at work.


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