WH Today is a baroque mood Freshwater pearl choker necklace SV254WH

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This is a simple choker necklace that combines beads with only one form of freshwater pearl in the world, which has no shape in this world.


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WH Today is a baroque mood Freshwater pearl choker necklace SV254WH


* 2020/1/18: Renewed * There are gold and silver colors. Please choose from options. ---------------------------------- Baroque pearls with a distorted and unique shape are accidentally created in nature. A simple choker necklace was created by combining a mantel with a freshwater pearl of only one shape in the world, which has no shape in the world. Choker necklace that is perfect for a casual atmosphere compared to a round pearl. Also, it may be a little big for those with thin hands, but it can be doubled as a bracelet. (The wrist length of the model in the photo is about 15 cm, so if it is thinner, the bracelet may be too large.) Although the size of a single pearl varies depending on the individual, it uses pearls of about 7 mm. Because we use natural stone, the shape and color are slightly different one by one. I will send you a choker necklace only for you. 39cm in total length The length around the neck of the model shown in the photo (the middle of the neck) is 30 cm. If the length around the neck is 30 cm, it will look like the picture. Please measure and measure the length around your neck for the design without adjuster. If it is less than 10 cm, it is an extension, so if you want to change the length, please contact us by message. * Different colors are also exhibited * BK: Today's Baroque Mood: Freshwater Pearl Choker Necklace SV254BK https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/Ts8tdHeb 色 You can choose the color ◁◁ There are gold and silver colors. Please choose from options. 糸 The thread may break if pulled too strongly, so please handle gently. ▷ Metal material Chain: bronze Other metals: brass + nickel plating + gold alloy plating (silver is rhodium plated) 注意 Precautions for use There is a possibility of tearing when pulling or applying a load. Since the material used is plated, discoloration cannot be avoided due to its characteristics. Depending on usage conditions, such as moisture such as sweat or rain, oil, sunscreen and other cosmetics, or exposure to ultraviolet rays for a long time, the plating may deteriorate faster. 方法 Care method After use, to prevent discoloration, we recommend that you wipe off dirt with a soft cloth such as a cloth for eyeglasses and store in a jewelry case or sealed bag. ▷ About size The length is not the length up to the ribbon or lace, but the length including the crab (lobster clasp). We are careful, but there is a possibility that an error of about 1 cm may occur. Sorry. The size of the neck of the model you are wearing (the middle of the neck) is about 30 cm. With a neck size of 30 cm, it looks like a picture. If you are thinner than that, you will loosen it, so please consult once. ▷ About delivery We ship by international e-packet. Asia: Delivered about 7 to 10 days after dispatch.


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