[K10] Star pearl earrings and ear cuff set

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3~7 天前
[K10] Star pearl earrings and ear cuff set


One star that jumped out of the orbit of the determined constellation. Even if it's not a life of walking on laid rails The star who started walking his way like himself Earrings and ear cuffs made with the image of the story of becoming the first star and shining. Even if you can't do it like everyone else There is surely your own way of shining. It is a work that I want to deliver to those who have the courage to start walking their own way. ☆ <Special points> Considering that the impression changes depending on the position where the ear cuff is hooked, I made it the length that the chain hangs down the cutest. To express the world of stars Choose a four-sided cut azuki chain so that it shines when exposed to light. The ear cuff also has a stardust finish that gives it an elegant sparkle. Ear accessories that look great in winter illuminations. 【material】 ● Ear cuff, chain → K10 yellow gold ● Metal fittings attached to pierced posts and catches → K18 yellow gold ● Freshwater pearl ● Catch → Silicon 【size】 Star pearl (fresh water) about 1.2 cm Freshwater pearl 3.5 mm Ear cuff diameter 1.2 cm Gap 3 mm Chain length 6.8 cm [Finishing method] Stardust finish It is a finish that glitters finely when exposed to light. (Can be changed to glossy finish or matte finish.) [Coordination] I thought it would be the cutest to wear the earrings and ear cuffs as a set, but you can simply use the star pearl earrings as a single item according to the TPO. Also, it is elegant and nice to coordinate with your own single pearl earrings instead of the star pearl earrings ♡ 【wrapping】 Gift wrapping is free and can be placed in the white box in the photo. Dried flowers are randomly added, so please look forward to seeing what's in them after opening them. [About aftercare] ● Pearl is vulnerable to water because it is fastened with an adhesive. Please refrain from using it in the bath or pool. ● The chain is a delicate part, so it may break if strong force is applied. Be especially careful when putting on and taking off the mask. ● It does not discolor like Silver, but if it gets dirty, wipe it gently with a soft cloth. 【Guidance】 ・ It will be produced after receiving your order. Please note that it may take up to 2 weeks for the item to arrive, depending on the order status. ・ Free shipping is available for purchases of 15,000 yen or more. In that case, the delivery method is Takkyubin Compact. ・ The selling price may change without notice due to the soaring prices of metals and Gemstone. ・ There may be individual differences in the shape of star pearls. Please note that it is not exactly the same as the photo. ・ In summer, when allergic reactions due to sweat are likely to occur, we recommend precious metals such as K18 and K10. [About FRANA] I have had a magical experience of being confident in myself and brightening my personality depending on what I wear. -It's like a dress or glass shoes for Cinderella- Using colorful natural stones, we are aiming for a design that makes you think that it is cute at first glance. After graduating from a jewelry vocational school, a female craftsman with 10 years of experience in engraving trained as a craftsman at a major jewelry maker. From design to Gemstone purchase, prototype making, assembly, and finishing, we take responsibility for everything by ourselves. [FRANA's commitment] ・ We select and purchase high-quality natural Gemstone by ourselves. (We do not use synthetic Stone, cubic zirconia, Swarovski, or other non-natural Gemstone.) -It is made sharper by squeezing it from a commercially available Stone frame so that it has a more sophisticated shape. -Metal fittings that do not need to stand out, such as a circular ring, are made as small as possible so that the main motif stands out.


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A fashionable design with pierced earrings and ear cuffs connected by a chain, it is a higher-grade ear accessory.


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