Cat Dot Linen Soft Processed Wide Pants Long Culottes

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Sometimes cats are hiding in polka dots.


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Cat Dot Linen Soft Processed Wide Pants Long Culottes

商品介绍 ↑ mochagray B (main body is large polka dots) ↑ mochagray A (body is small polka dot) ↑ blackB (main body is large polka dots) ↑ blackB (main body is large polka dots) ↑ blackA (body is small polka dot) ↑ The actual print color is ivory, not white. Original cat dots print on 100% linen fabric I made long-culotted pants with pattern switching. The material is medium thick linen which is rather thick. It is supple texture because it is subjected to soft processing. Sometimes cats are hiding in polka dots, both large and small. Black is ordinary black, mokagrey is gray mixed dark reddish somewhat. Both black and mokagre are lined with black cotton. Silhouette is a spacious wide pants. Since the hem width is wide, it looks like a skirt at first glance. I have been making a pattern change on the heel, but roll up is not supposed. (Roll up can not be done because the hem width is wide) I have four pockets in front and behind. Somewhat loose rubber, but waist string and rubber replacement mouth As it is attached, it can be adjusted according to your preference. The one with the smaller polka dots is the color name-A, the one with the larger polka dots is the color name-B. Although it is an all season-corresponding item, It is particularly recommended in the coming season because the fabric is somewhat thick. ++ +++ before purchasing This is silhouette of the relation is not made because of the relation. Although the height of the polka dots is roughly the same, the shape of the circle is perfect Since it is not there, please acknowledge that point and order. For details, please check the landscape image. SIZE: 36 Waist: 64 cm Hip: 128 cm Front Rise: 29 cm Crossing: 41 cm Inseam: 48 cm Bottom width: 43 cm SIZE: 38 Waist: 67 cm Hip: 140 cm Front Rise: 30 cm Crossing: 43 cm Inseam: 51 cm Bottom width: 45 cm SIZE: 40 Waist: 72 cm Hip: 150 cm Front Rise: 31 cm Crossing: 45 cm Inseam: 54 cm Bottom width: 47 cm ※ The size has some errors one by one. made in China QUALITY: main body / linen 100% lining / 100% cotton Please check your size beforehand in comparison with the size of clothes on hand. This item is 163 cm tall and weighs 47 kg Hip 85 cm model I am wearing all 38 sizes. You can not receive any returned goods in the image difference with the image. Although the upper stage drawing is the closest to the actual color of the product, It seems that there are some errors depending on PC operating environment and model. Please note. Height Because advice can be blurred because body size can not be understood with body weight alone. I would be pleased if you inform us with major measurements whenever you contact us. (Example: height 160 cm and bust 82 cm hip 80 cm etc. I think that if you express it in cm you can give accurate advice. ) Production area / production method Planning design: Japan sewing area: China (fabric is our original print) From the viewpoint of hygiene, if you install it even once, we will not accept returns. The discounted item is not returned or exchanged. Returns by image difference will be charged with round trip shipping fee. Items shipped by free shipping will also be borne by the shipping fee when shipping. Customers who wish to return many times even if they are repeaters We may refuse to accept subsequent orders Please understand in advance.


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