Wooden pass case round 【With acrylic window】 Walnut


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    A combination of digital processing and analog processing well With the high processing precision of the laser processin
  • Created by laser cutting and hand finishing,
    It is a wooden pass case round [with acrylic window].

    Although it is a simple round design, there is a feeling of luxury and Japanese atmosphere!

    Easy structure just to remove cord through putting in and out of card!
    Although it is not suitable for usage which puts and removes the inside card frequently,
    It is for non-contact IC cards such as "suica", "pasmo", "nanaco".
    When charging, remove the cord and slide your finger in
    We devise it so that you can easily put in and out.
    Since it is a structure locked with a string, worry of dropping only the card is useless! !

    It can also be used with an employee ID card or an apartment card key because the contents can be seen.

    The interior is performing laser processing of several grooves,
    We devise ingenuity to improve sensitivity and weight reduction.

    A combination of digital processing and analog processing well
    With the high processing precision of the laser processing machine close to the warmth of the natural tree! !

    Wood is the world's three biggest walnut walnuts!
    Even finish licks "Osmokola" finish of natural ingredients oil safe! !
    It feels good to the touch!

    ■ Size is 67 × 103 mm Thickness is around 9 mm
    The structure is a laminate of three veneers.
    Two IC cards are included.
    (When you put two pieces you need to remove one acrylic)

    ■ Supported card size 54 × 86 mm
    Confirmed cards "suica" "pasmo" "nanaco"
    If others are similar cards it seems okay.
    ※ Business card size does not enter.

    ■ Corrugated Skin Flat Width 3 mm Length about 23 cm with Plavies
    ※ If you like hanging cord, you can do as long as you can from the neck.

    ※ Photo IC card is for shooting.
    ※ The picture is slightly different grain of the goods delivered for shooting,
    ※ The acrylic of the photograph is translucent because the protective film is pasted.
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Wooden pass case round 【With acrylic window】 Walnut

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