Spring and Ai Natsu and plum of plant dyeing plaid cotton and silk muffler ②

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Spring and Ai Natsu and plum of plant dyeing plaid cotton and silk muffler ②


Cotton yarn with a change in the thickness of the warp, is a muffler that was woven using silk in the weft. Blue dark ones also thin in this indigo, beige is the plant dyeing of plum. Since the horizontal stripes is in the random, at either end or before, you can enjoy a different look. When the cold early spring and autumn wind and, and surprisingly active since also has worked where there are many cooling summer. And have a little wound to the neck, is also the prevention of sunburn, I think that come in handy in the coming season because it avoids direct sunlight. What one you like. Warp in cotton yarn with a change in thickness, the weft in the details of silk, have woven in plain weave from dyed in each thread of the state. Since the weft is thin silk, it is very gentle touch. Both ends of the torsion in the bunch the bunch, so are finishing, making it difficult frayed humor even use it long. But I made three of the muffler in the same warp, they have become to different lattice pattern in how to enter the weft. The other two would also like seeing please. Since the weft is thin, while going through, the lateral direction of the tension you have shrunk Innovation yampee gone. It also spreads by multiplying the iron, but I think you'll enjoy in even both your favorite texture became Innovation yampee. I think the photo but with nearly 10 years trying to Noseyo to HP. We would like you confirm there be together if it is good. In addition, blue is Yes dyed in the indigo. Since I have over time from dyed you should have established is running very calm, but may lose color. It acknowledges the point, please note at the time of light-colored clothes. Width: about 27㎝ Length: about 142㎝ (. Including tuft portion tufts per side about 6㎝)


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