Trunk bag czech small size

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Classical and noble. It is the perfect mini-bag for art museums and concerts where you want to get a “feeling sense”.


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Trunk bag czech small size


[High-quality trunk-type bag for adult women] Classical and noble. It is the perfect mini-bag for art museums and concerts where you want to get a “feeling sense”. A design that eliminates unnecessary decorations and enhances the original beauty of leather. Consisting of straight lines and three colors, it brings out the beauty of adult-like neatness. Shoulder belt length can be changed to three patterns. The shortest, tight-eyed shoulder bag. As a medium length, loose-fitting one-shoulder bag, or as a tight-sloping oblique bag. If it is the longest, it will be a loose diagonal bag. In addition, you can remove the belt and use it as a handbag You can use it variously in the mood of the day. The material is made using the finest domestic cowhide "Tochigi leather". Koba is polished by hand. Because it is something you use every day, I want to choose something that can be beautifully changed and loved for a long time. I made it with that feeling. □ Material: Domestic high-quality beef leather (made by Tochigi leather) □ Size: T150 × W200 × D100㎜ Shoulder belt (length without metal fittings) 750/970 / 1200㎜ three-step adjustment (Please allow some errors) □ Leather quality: Beautiful surface with firmness and firmness. Cowhide is a beautiful material that looks like a cordovan. □ Color: Leather / Terracotta / Black / Brown tricolor Lining / Khaki (lining can be changed to other colors of reference image) [Things that people who want to wear genuine leather products should know] Did you know that even if you say "genuine leather" at a glance, there are things that can change over time and those that do not? Genuine leather can be broadly divided into two types. "Chrome tanned leather" and "vegetable tanned leather (nume leather)". "Vegetable tanned leather" Leather tanned with the astringency of plants is called "Nume leather". Tanning of Nume leather is an ancient manufacturing method. Finished with the texture of the hide, the surface is easily affected by natural scars and blood traces, and the softness varies depending on the site. The cost is high because it can be finished over a long period of time using natural materials, and it is hard to say that it is a stable material.However, `` aging '' such as the change in gloss and the increase in the depth of color by using it It is leather that you can enjoy. In other words, "Nume leather" is not a perfect material when you pick it up, but it can be said that it is a material that will increase your attachment over time. I guess what you are looking for in leather is a material that can be used for a long time. "Because we have leather products, we want you to choose leather that can be changed over time." KALEIDOSCOPE chose "Nume leather" as a material based on this idea. [If you are looking for intact leather products, please do not purchase] Because it is natural leather, there are natural scars and unevenness. Big scratches are avoided, but please understand some small scratches. The appearance of the grain and the unevenness of the scratch are different one by one. If you think of it as a "scratch," you are worried about it, but this is also a proof that this leather was alive, "the only pattern".


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