Cameo brooch necklace Covered with a hat Sitting on a leaf Fairy Charcoal gray

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Delicate fairy picture resin cameo


Cameo brooch necklace Covered with a hat Sitting on a leaf Fairy Charcoal gray


I made a lovely fairy cameo as a necklace and 2way for you to use. Cameo is an acrylic cameo made of acrylic resin. Because it is not a thing like sculpture or stone cameo to make a picture by sculpture, expressions are delicate so small that it can not be made with sculpture on a small area ♪ Long ago, in Japan, it is a delicate picture reminiscent of Sierry Mary Barker's fairy illustration, which was included as a bonus card in the box of chocolate. The picture is a fairy wearing a flower shaped like a bell as a hat and sitting on a leaf. (Based on the images of these pictures, our shop introduces the charm set of the flower motif as "fairy hat" ♪) The top is a larger size of 4cm × 3cm with only a cameo part. It has become a size that you can enjoy delicate pictures enough to a small part. The paper laying under the 3rd photo is the size of the postcard. It has a brooch pin and a can at the back, you can use it as a necklace. Since the can is small, I will attach a necklace chain that can be easily removed with a heart-shaped cannon. When you attach as a necklace with a brooch pin also, I think whether you can use it without great shaking movement. Base, the color of the chain is Matt White Silver. The color of the heart-shaped canican that connects the brooch and the necklace is gold. Since you can not get a heart-shaped kanikan of the same color, I chose Gold as a cute accent ^ ^ I will put a silicone brooch stopper so that you can use it with confidence. Other cameos of the picture are introduced on another page. ◇ ◇ ◇ There are things with small scratches and dark spots in the cameo. Please note. Silver is used for the plating of the broach table. In order to prevent discoloration, please put in the plastic bag with chuck when removing the air so as to remove air. The back side of the broach table has a part that is whitish (Photo 4th sheet). There is a small dent and a hole in the edge part of the pedestal of the cameo (photo 5th sheet). Although it seems that it is not conspicuous when attached, please understand in advance. The photograph is Saka beauty things, but it is the same. Since we produce it one by one by hand, the size and shape are somewhat different. Because it is a delicate work, please handle carefully. Size: <Brooch> Vertical Approximately 4.5 cm × side 3.5 cm <Chain> Approximately 65 cm (Including Fasteners and Adjusters Approximately 5 cm) Material: resin, metal


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