Pink sapphire bracelet enhancing charisma, victory luck, money luck, etc. September birthstone silver version

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Pink sapphire bracelet enhancing charisma, victory luck, money luck, etc. September birthstone silver version


~ ~ ~ ❄ + 300 yen wrapping possible ♪ ~ ~ ~ Instagram: ralulushu Movies Uploading videos etc. ************ It is a lovely color pink sapphire bracelet like a cosmos petal There is a beautiful cut in a small stone, and it shines sparkly with the reflection of light 14KGF version is also on sale The metal fittings were made silver (silver). Silver has long been popular as a symbol of good luck, an amulet of amulets since ancient times. Perhaps there is a strange power as vampires have silver piles, and wolf guys are said to be silver bullets. Silver is not a metal that faces everyone, there is also a story that it affects only the person attracted by that frequency. "Wish comes true" A mysterious metal, that is Silver. · Material - All 925 silver - Pink Sapphire (Button cut): Approximately 2.6 mm (Jewelry quality, Transparent feeling, Cut clean) · Size - Approximately 17.5 (Including adjuster 2.5 ~ 3 cm) Correspond to around 14 to 16 cm around the wrist - Production is possible according to the circumference of the wrist. - Size UP is an extra charge * As much as possible we are trying to shoot in colors close to the actual thing, but the impression changes according to the condition of light is the feature of natural stone. ************ Stones that will help you through your goals Sapphire is a very useful stone to firmly solidify the intention and organization of man, the cornerstone of management, and the foundation. That has to do with this stone belonging to the hardest mineral except for the corundum diamond as well as the ruby. Sapphire is a stone who intends to go through the goal and strongly supports it so that you can be yourself not being thrown by inertia. By enhancing your concentration and intuition, you will help us grab the opportunities that you need at that time. It is an effective stone to enhance the charisma, victory luck, money luck, etc. and to have positive feelings towards work. Sapphire has the power to protect the owner from disasters in promoting the business, so if you are in a situation where both team play and your own efforts are indispensable, such as those who are doing business and athletes Especially recommended stone. ○ Calm thought and judgment ○ Management stability ○ Build yourself that is not swayed by inertia ○ Evil payment ○ Charisma ○ Strengthen organization and team foundation ○ Stone calling victory ○ Acquire goals ************ ralulu.shu ralulushu natural stone power stone gold K14GF 14kgf 14KGF gold filled accessories jewelry jewelry stone handmade gifts gifts new pink sapphire


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