JAPAN Tochigi Leather Floor Leather Tote Bag mare M Camel

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It is a tote bag using flooring leather of Japan's boasting leather brand "Tochigi leather" * I used the f


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JAPAN Tochigi Leather Floor Leather Tote Bag mare M Camel


* Leather brand that Japan boasts is "tochigi leather" It is a tote bag using floor leather * I used the flooring leather of "double shoulder (which refers to the portion of leather closely packed with fibers on the back side)" with the highest strength among Nume leather. The handle of cotton rope brings out a marine atmosphere, simple tote bag. Take wide gore width, A4 magazines and long wallets, smart phones, tablets, 500 millimeter plastic bottles etc. Because it is a size that can be put in loose, it is best for everyday use. The structure was simply tailored anyway. It is also recommended as an introduction to this Nume leather bag. □ Size: W45 × H26 × D15 / handle length 55 (cm) □ Color: Camel ※ Bitter Brown is also available 【What is a flooring leather】 Leather is processed by cutting thickness according to the application. This is called "braiding". The flooring leather refers to the part that is not a surface leather obtained when leather is processed into two or more layers horizontally. In other words, it is leather with no surface. Unless you intentionally process the back leather like a suede or velor to make it as a product, usually a flooring leather will be the "remainder" part. The leather used in this work is the original leather portion of leather of Nume leather which is used for belts etc. Although it is the rest of the processing, it is firmly thick, leaving the natural texture of Nume leather, finished in an interesting surface feel like cork. Moreover, it is a material that can also enjoy the "aging change" peculiar to Nume leather. "Try this material into a rough tote bag" I made it with such ideas. 【Japan's boasting "Tochigi Leather" charm】 Even with flooring leather, it is a texture that feels the underpower of the material called Nume leather. The taste of leather increases to the extent you use it. 【At the beginning is a smooth texture of the skin, but it gets polished with friction while you use, gloss increases and goes on] Leather is easy to stain with water. Please refrain from using rainy weather. * Even though you can make a spot, you think that it is a process of aging, growing into a candy color by using it. 【If you are looking for intact leather products, please refrain from purchasing】 Since natural leather is finished in a raised condition, there are innate scars and unevenness etc. As much as possible, we carefully cut and produce, so please note some scratches. The appearance of scarring and scratch unevenness are different one by one. It is worrisome if you catch it as "scratch", this is also the proof that this leather was alive, "the only pattern". I think that you can enjoy scratches and unevenness as "only for yourself", handmade, and it is unique to this leather Nume.


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