Heart's lapis lazuli and freshwater pearl pendant top

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Heart's lapis lazuli and freshwater pearl pendant top


It was studded with dark blue pyrite (pyrite stone) as if the stars were in the night sky Dark blue lapis lazuli that looks twinkling. Lapis lazuli is called "lapis" in Japan and it is one of the chestnut in the world of Buddhism It is counted. Lapis lazuli is said to be the stone that was recognized as the first power stone in the world It is an extremely high spiritual stone that has been sacred from around the world as "holy stone" since ancient times. Lapis lazuli called the strongest sacred stone is said to be a fortune-pricking stone by rejecting bad things It is said to have the power to avoid danger and to succeed. Also, Lapis lazuli has the power to increase intuition and judgment, and to change the misfortune I will be told. Ancient stone Lapis lazuli is said to have a great power to change fate When you jump into the new world it will be a reassuring ally and you will have a shortcut to success It will be. This time I combined an elegant white pearl with Lapis lazuli of heart. It finished in a wonderful pendant top swaying swayingly. ※ This item is not included in the chain. It is sold only for pendant top. Material: Silver 925 lapis lazuli Freshwater pearl size: 【lapis lazuli】 Size Vertical Approximately 0.8 cm Width About 0.8 cm Silver stand height about 0.3 cm 【Freshwater Pearl】 Size about 0.5 cm in diameter Silver stand height about 0.3 cm Packing weight: 150 g 【Precautions for shopping】 Because the stone being used is natural, cracks and inclusions etc. are delivered in the state of natural as well. Although there may be some cracks etc, please understand this point. The freshwater pearl is a hole opened on the back although a hole is open on the back side It is not a defective item. Please understand beforehand that some impressions will change with the real thing due to reflection of light etc. Also, depending on the performance of the monitor you are using, The color of the image may look slightly different from the actual one. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions. Production place / Production method Bali Handmade Origin


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