Amber Statuette, Tree of Life, Home Decoration, Exclusive, Natural stones

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Amber Statuette, Tree of Life, Home Decoration, Exclusive, Natural stones


Amber Figurine, Tree of Life, Exclusive, Home Decoration, Cute. As you know, amber originated from the resin of coniferous trees that lived 35 - 40 million years ago. The sap of the huge pines froze, absorbing the sun's rays – and the golden gems still retain the power of the luminary. The gems, warm to the touch, purify the surrounding space from negative energy, kill pathogenic bacteria and toxins, saturate the air with healing succinic acid ions. That is why the ancient sages considered amber magical. So, in China, only the most noble persons close to the emperor had the right to wear jewelry carved from sparkling gems. Many European kings used amber cutlery – they neutralized the poison. The first mention of the amazing amulet is found in historical treatises of the Han dynasty (200 BC). According to legend, the first such work was created by an artist who lived in a small village. Wanting to cheer up and please the neighbors, he decorated the sapling with coins earned for his work. Since then, in memory of the generous master, this plant has been revered as sacred. However, now anyone can buy a tree made of amber. Masters create unique and unusual works using natural wood and multicolored pieces of petrified resin. A wide range allows you to find a work of any shape and size – from miniature trees that can be placed on a desktop or shelf, to massive sculptures that enliven and transform the home interior. Carefully selected shades of precious stones make such accessories almost alive – the tone of the crown changes depending on the lighting, sparkling and shimmering with thousands of solar glare. Therefore, even in cloudy weather, the accessory will be surrounded by a golden halo, delighting and delighting you, your guests and household. For a long time people have surrounded themselves with various talismans, amulets, fetishes. Some of them gave good luck in love, others provided material prosperity, and some strengthened health and protected from diseases. And the most powerful amulets – for example, the amber tree – made it possible to achieve all this at the same time. The leaves are made of natural fine amber. The stones are unique and may vary slightly in color. There are internal cracks in amber, there may be particles of soil, plants, limestone, as well as insects.The size of the leaves on the tree is 5 centimeters (2 inches).The height of the tree with the delivery is 27 centimeters (11 inches). The stand is made of natural wood. How to care for an amber tree: -You can occasionally wipe the leaves and the stand with a dry or wet cloth. -Do not use brushes and washcloths, they can spoil the product. -Do not put it under the direct rays of the sun, the stone has the property of changing color. -After transportation, the amber leaves can be straightened, giving the crown any frame and volume. In the photo you can see an example.Since all products are made by hand and from a unique stone, there may be slight differences. If you need a photo of your specific product, write to me. !!! The buyer is responsible for additional customs fees (different from different countries)!!!


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Buy now! Get free shipping! This tree is made of natural Baltic amber with large leaves, where they are attached to a copper wire.The height of the tree with a stand is 27 centimeters.The size of the leaves on the tree is 5 centimeters (2 inches).


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