Kutaniyaki Thimble Tassel Thimble Number 56 - 60 tassel Only one thing you like

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It is a collaboration product made up of the ancient capital of Japan, a dyer of Kyoto and 23 Kutani ware painting craft


Kutaniyaki Thimble Tassel Thimble Number 56 - 60 tassel Only one thing you like


We prepared a gradient type tassel based on light green and pink and a monochrome thimble of caramel color to five kinds of fairy tec Kutanaki thimble. Thimble: No.56 Rotating horse · No.57 From the side of the window · No.58 Bear and the rainbow · No.59 box · No60. Flower basket Tassel color: light green type, light pink type, caramel (single color) Each thimble and each color tassel are the same price. Please indicate your favorite combination. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kyoto, Nishijin's dyer, is a completely new form of tassel created by collaborating with Art Fiber Endo, a handicraft specialty store, and Kutani Tsutsumi, a well-established Kutani pottery manufacturing and wholesaler founded in 1863 . It is a tassel with beautiful Japanese and Western fusions combining the futuristic tufted yarn dyed with a dyeing workshop and the luxury Kutani cooked thimble with a neodymium magnet. It is possible to detach freely as a magnet is adopted for joining. You can freely reconfigure thimble and bamboo strings yourself, and easily create your favorite tassel. This soft tuft and solid thimble, the fun of which the different materials are connected with the neodymium magnet, is unique. Kutani thimble tassel was adopted in Paris by Discover Kansai project which is planning to introduce Kansai's cool Japan products by overseas, by Kinki Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and is permanently exhibited in Paris' showroom "maison wa" It was. It was also exhibited and sold in the world thimble exhibition held in North America and at the Japan Exhibition held at the Metro department store in Singapore. Product specification Kutani thimble tassel is made up of three parts. A hanging thread from above, a Kutani thimble as a cap, and a tufted yarn as a skirt portion, a neodymium magnet is attached to the fishing line and the bobbin thread, the thimble is pinched by the upper and lower magnets and fixed, the neodymium magnet is a permanent magnet Strong, firmly fixed. This mini tassel has a total length of about 15 cm Kutani thimble used as a cap of tassel is sold as a thimble which is a collector item as a single unit. Production area / production method Origin: Kyoto · Ishikawa Prefecture, Handmade


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