Diopside and Poppy Pearl Back Catch Earrings June Birthstone

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Teri is very good poppy pearl + deep green diopside 2WAY earrings ~ With stud piercing only for diopside with hand-held piercing catch



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Diopside and Poppy Pearl Back Catch Earrings June Birthstone


~~~ Wrapping with ❄ + 250 yen ♪ ~~~ Metal part material: 14kgf stone: (RALULU.SHU uses real freshwater pearls, not cheap shell pearls and Swarovski pearls) Why not use shellfish pearls? The price is cheap, there is no scratches, and the shape is good, but it looks cheaper than natural pearls, and there is no elegance. Light pink poppy freshwater pearl (pearl): about 8-9mm Loose spots and scratches: few Teri: very strong (Facet cut) Die opside: approx. 4mm * We try to shoot in colors that are as close as possible to the actual item, but please note that the impression of the light changes depending on the condition of the light. ************ Diopside (blastite) June birthstone Horoscope stone: Leo Stone language: sign of good luck, success luck, flowering of talent, wisdom and wisdom The power of stone: ▲ stone that helps keep a calm heart ▲ has a soft healing nature ▲ keeps a calm heart, works to shed stress ▲ nurtures a positive mind Effect, efficacy When you feel stuck in the current situation, go courageously into the future It is a power stone that means that when you feel a sudden accident and get stuck in the current situation, you feel confused and you can't stay calm, you will lead to a rational consciousness and move toward the future with a positive feeling. Encourage self-growth by enhancing creativity and intuition Diopside is said to have the ability to reduce stress and stabilize emotions by acting mainly on the mind and relieving mental anxiety and worries. By maintaining the balance of the mind, it is expected to enhance creativity and intuition and shine intelligence. In addition, it gives me confidence and encourages mental growth. We support those who want to step up to a more attractive adult woman, balancing love and work. About Pearl This is the birthstone for June. Stone words are “health, wealth, longevity, innocence” and so on. Freshwater pearl that brings happiness Freshwater pearls are considered to be strong stones that repel disasters. It is said that it has the effect of improving the environment so that the daily lives of those who have it can be happy. It has the same effect as the power of shellfish to cultivate pearls in the body, and it is also effective as a maternity and safe birth amulet. For the same reason, it is expected to have a blessing to children. Freshwater pearl that enhances femininity and is effective for beauty and health It is said that freshwater pearls have the effect of enhancing women's motherhood, beauty and femininity when worn, and in the old days Cleopatra is said to have been worn as a beauty charm. Wearing freshwater pearls will bring out the good aspects of women, and will have a collaborative effect. It has long been believed that this stone has the power to maintain youth and health. ************


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