Made-to-order production of wood carved leaves


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    We will make a wood carving leaf deploying as a brooch for an ordered production in an order.
  • **Made-to-order production | Wooden sculpture of leaves**
    A clasp
    Material: brass
    Size: about 15 mm square

    Material: Ho, Sina, Walnut etc
    Brand / wax finish
    Size: Length = about 90 mm 5 mm thick
    - -
    We will make a wood carving leaf deploying as a brooch for an ordered production in an order.
    Wood carved leaves are delicately expressed with the motif of a leafy vegetable leaf vein by precise burning.
    After ordering, we will ship it with attached metal clasp.

    Back metal fittings,h_994,al_c,q_90/883342_d3248df4eee24f48a4e62cf1b6fc5d0a~mv2.jpg
    1. Ho (LBR-1) Stock: 2
    >> It is characteristic green tree with greenery.
    2. Sina (LBR - 4) Stock: 2
    >> It is white texture and soft texture.
    3. Walnut (LBR - 5) Stock: 2
    >> It is a dark brown deep color.

    1. Ho,h_994,al_c,q_90/883342_53a5c1b52ead4f0f9a213d1fd17abf04~mv2.jpg

    2. Sina,h_994,al_c,q_90/883342_c213ccea653e4be3a5ed93c75d80bc36~mv2.jpg

    3. Walnut,h_994,al_c,q_90/883342_ffb3b29d2ba540ff99e6ed1e767fcbcb~mv2.jpg

    【please note】
    · It is a finish that makes use of the original color of the tree. You can enjoy changing the texture by using it while cleaning.
    · Each one has its own personality. I will choose here if there is no particular mention. If you would like to be selected by yourself, we will send you photos of inventory so please contact us before you buy.
    · Pictures are examples of products. Depending on the PC or device, it may differ slightly from the actual color. Thank you for your understanding.
    · Since we are selling even at other sites, events, etc., there may be sold out even in the state of stock. Please note.

    【About gift box】
    We have a free box and special pay box.
    Production area / production method
    Origin: Japan Handmade
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Made-to-order production of wood carved leaves

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本商品为“接单订制”。付款后,从开始制作到寄出商品为 5 个工作天。(不包含假日)
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