British bridle leather one touch coin case <Khaki>

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dajeyleather 逛设计馆

British bridle leather one touch coin case &lt;Khaki&gt;


One piece leather beautiful form "

"Functional beauty that fits in every pocket"

It combines two "beauties"
Purses that can be opened with one hand.

"One touch coin case"
Imported leather version of

It is one touch coin case bridle leather.

Storage capacity is outstanding,
We have tailored the traditional one-touch coin case, which we are patronized by customers of age and young, with British-born luxury leather "Bridle Leather".

<What is Bridle Leather? >
Frequently introduced in magazines etc.,
Although it is a famous bridle leather as a leather adhered to the surface "White Bloom" like "Bloom"
Originally in the UK, it is a leather material made for harness use.
It is finished hard and tough by tanning with an oak finished firmly among a number of vegetable tannins.
Later, wax, oil, slowly take time, made it permeate firmly,
It is a gem that is made with very time and effort.

In addition to use, white bloom disappears,
By wax and oil soaked in slowly appearing on the surface,
It brings out gloss with deep inside which can not be said anything.
Not only the beauty of secular change,
I was born for harness only,
It becomes a solid one by pulling out the group among leather types.

<Features of one touch coin case>
One touch coin case is made by processing special leather single leather, by not applying sewing at all, it is unrelated to trouble such as fraying and breakage of yarn,
The lifespan of the leather itself will be the lifetime of the coin case as it is.
Decades are "super longevity items" that can be used normally,
This time, by adopting bridle leather that drinks the top level robustness among many leather materials,
I am finished as a genuine "lifelong thing" that I can say with confidence.

With solid texture of leather,
Although it is a little hard while you start using it,
As it is used, it gently softens and wraps around coins, making it easy to handle with one hand.
Also, as leather gets familiar it can be opened easily as it is crushed.

Depending on the size of the hands of each owner and the habit of movement and storage location,
I would be pleased if you could bring me up to what I love.

Capacity: Equivalent to common coin case. (Approximately 20 100 yen coins enter enough) + (When used, when the leather gets familiar, the inner space spreads out so plus 10 sheets ~ will come in.)
Size: Diameter (longest part) 8.5 cm

<Ideal as a gift>
In addition to being a coin case that fits into every pocket of every pants and jacket,
We are using frequently used top quality leather, bridle leather, which is frequently handled in magazines etc.
We are glad you can also as a gift.
Gift wrapping is available free of charge, so please let us know when you process your purchase.


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