Pumpkin + Haunted + Bats + Black Cat rolling pin * HALLOWEEN GHOST

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Pumpkin + Haunted + Bats + Black Cat rolling pin * HALLOWEEN GHOST


Trick or Treat?

HALLOWEEN Let baked cookies ♡

Work or school, to the Halloween party with friends

It is also ♪ nice to go with the homemade cookies

************************************************** **

By a roller-type cotton swab that has been laser engraving,
You can make the baked goods of the unique pattern ♪

The unique design of the cookies, a gift is sure also surprised that the other party ♪

▼ material
We use the wood of the highest quality of beech.
Natural oil suitable for use over the years is Yes and soaked.

▼ How to Care for using long
- Olive oil before use or vegetable oil, (coconut oil, corn oil, rice oil) Please paint the.
- Clean with a brush wet after use (such as a brush).
- If you have to clean and completely dried, and then coats the olive oil or vegetable oil,.

※ Please keep away from direct sunlight ※
※ There is a risk of chipped, such as strong shock ※
※ Please take care when such as cleaning ※

▼ Butter Cookies Recipe

Butter 200 g
1 egg
Olive oil 2 tablespoons
Pinch of salt
Flour 400 g
Powdered sugar 150 g

① mixed all the ingredients, knead the dough.
If the dough is too soft and add the flour.
If it is too hard you add the butter.
Please put the dough into ②30 minutes refrigerator.
Please to extend the dough to a thickness of about 3-4 mm in the rolling pin of ③Goody Woody.
Please hollowed out in your favorite type ④.
Bake 9 minutes in the preheated oven to ⑤200 degrees.

Enjoy your meal!

★★★★★ here it will be shipped from Poland ★★★★★

After confirming the order, the Japanese representative will contact you, such as details of the confirmation and shipping of your order.

▼ keywords
Handle Christmas christmas cookie cookies Halloween Halloween
animal animal bat bats pumpkin pumpkin ghost ghost pumpkin cat cat cat cat cat

Size: total length 460mm, handle portion 245mm, weight 600g

**Notes at the time of purchase**

▼ about sending
Usually, it will be shipped in 3-5 days after your order.
Production from Poland, becomes the dispatch, delivery days is ordered and 8 days to 14 days before and after from shipping.
※ Both might be behind schedule ※

▼ Notes of goods
Our products have been made from the wood of beech.
Or there is a small crack, it will also be a variety of colors depending on the wood used.

Please keep away from direct sunlight.
There is a risk of chipped, such as strong shock. Please take care when such as cleaning.

▼ returned or exchanged for
In our shop but we pay close attention to the goods to deliver,
If there is a defect (damage, goods different, such as a defective product) in the event goods,
We apologize very sorry to trouble you, but, within one week after receipt of goods,
Please send your message will be accompanied by a photo of the defective part.

※ There is a case where it passes over one week and can not support us ※

Rolling pin of custom order is returned or exchanged by the customer convenience, we have refused.
Please acknowledge.

Please let us know if you have, such as any problems.
We will support as much as possible!

More ▼
Acceptance of the wholesale distribution we also have.
Please contact us if you had more hope.

★ If you have any questions or requests feel free please contact us :)


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