Healing happy accessories Kimono smell bag Flower pattern


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    Healing accessories coloring everyday life
  • <Japanese accessories coloring everyday life>
    It is a smell bag using a kimono place. Utilizing the kimono which sleeps in the chest and making products that cherish the small remaining cloth, keeping the legend of "Elderly women in local Miyagi prefecture Waki-cho" Do not throw away 3 clumps of red beans ". Please enjoy a beautiful Japanese design from among many old kimono areas.

    <Signs of happiness Kichiyo pattern>
    It is a congratulatory pattern often used as a symbol of happiness, and knowing the meaning of Japanese patterns leads to touching the depths of Japanese culture that has been handed down from olden times.

    <Fragrance of lavender potpourri to heal heart>
    Lavender has actions such as nerve stabilization, antibacterial / bactericidal / antiphlogistic, and it is said to have various indications and effects.
    · Tension in the mind and body will relax and calm the mood
    · Calm nerve and relieve stress
    Urge sleep
    Improve immunity
    · Sterilize and purify neighboring air, eliminate pet and smell of tobacco

    <How to use freely>
    A smell bag of cute kimono. You can enjoy the fragrance of healing anytime anywhere, by putting it in the bag or the desk drawer. If you put it in the closet, your clothes are always a scent of natural lavender. It is a work that you can use widely from children to elderly people, for everyday use, gifts are also pleased.

    <Having fun collecting, watching and looking for happiness>
    If you collect odorous bags of various colors, you can change the mood of the day, change the pattern according to the place to put, and the range of usage spread. Kimono pattern kimono which entertains the eyes is an item that brings an image of happiness just by looking at it. *The photograph is an image. Products will be sold per point.

    Other sites are also on sale so please forgive me when sold out.

    Size / length 8 cm × width 6 cm
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Healing happy accessories Kimono smell bag Flower pattern

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