K24 Pure Gold Ring

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K24 Pure Gold Ring


K24, pure gold thin hammered ring. Instead of plating, everything inside is made of pure gold. I want to make gold jewelry that even people with metal allergies can enjoy with confidence Pure gold jewelry born from such thoughts. Pure gold that is very stable chemically and does not have to worry about discoloration. Positive and strong energy like the sun, its beauty has fascinated people since ancient times. With a hammered eye, it reflects light beautifully with glitter. The author puts it on the little finger to make it a "Talisman". Recommended for stacking with other rings. It is hammered and hardened, but as a property of pure gold, it is soft. Take care to avoid impact such as hitting the ring against a hard object. ※ Welded part (with brazing) uses 12 gold brazing. It is a very small part of 1 mm or less, but it is a part that directly touches the finger, so allergies Please avoid those who are worried about the reaction. (Because of metal allergy, even those who can not attach K18 earrings do not have metal allergy with this ring.) Size: about 0.7mm wide Up to size 7: 16800 yen No. 7.5 to No. 10: 17,800 yen 10.5-14: 23800 yen Material: K24 (pure gold) 方 If your desired size is between 7.5 and 14, please contact us by message. We will prepare the above price setting page on the custom made page. ◇ The image is No.6 size. * Currently, the stamp "K24" is not pressed, but as soon as the stamp arrives at the workshop in late January, we will send it by pressing the stamp. の た め Because it is made of pure gold, there is almost no case of metal allergic reaction, Please avoid those who are allergic even with pure gold. 純 If you want a 1mm wide solid gold ring or K18 ring, we will accept custom made. (It takes a little time to purchase (about 2 weeks)) Copy right 2015-- Sae + Sumi Koru all right reserved. All works are protected by copyright law.


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