Bracelet of chrome diopside


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  • In gold color of the chain connecting the metallic pearl, chrome diopside of gem quality in simple featuring only one grain, it is a bracelet of somewhere masculine atmosphere.

    Chrome diopside of dark green is very vivid impression of vegetable reminiscent of the mountains and forests. Even though only one grain there is a strong presence.
    This Kusaikire even likely to have been floating around, green which makes better yet feel even wild taste is a little shade never seen the other stone.
    In addition, chrome diopside because rough is small, it is so I rare such large ones.

    Stone that was used this time the crack from raw stone is seen, but beautifully transparent feeling of Therefore gem quality, deep green is vivid.

    Who often wear a jacket and slim pants or clicks or, for those who prefer the cool and cool mannish style than cute is especially recommended ♪

    ◆ ◆ Material
    Chrome diopside
    Metallic Pearl (Gold)
    Artistic wire

    ◆ size ◆
    Overall length 17㎝ (not with fasteners including. Adjuster)
    Chrome diopside (oval plane) 10 × 7mm
    Metallic Pearl (Gold) 4 mm

    * If you metal allergy, plating does not fit into your skin, please refrain from the order.
    Origin: Japan handmade
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Bracelet of chrome diopside

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