Kimono Weave 【Spring Makeup】

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Crowned glass that is also used for traditional crafts such as Edo Kiriko. In its entirety, it is a glass carved with au



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Kimono Weave 【Spring Makeup】


Crowned glass that is also used for traditional crafts such as Edo Kiriko. In its entirety, it is a glass carved with auspicious patterns such as plum, cherry blossoms and arrowheads.

It has become a design which imaged "Kimono" such as Yukata and Junji, and its texture is stronger when viewed from the front side. From the back, looking diagonally, the curve creates a mysterious flow and you can enjoy a different texture.

The pattern is a combination of "plum", "Shichiho sentence", "Sakura", "Yasuri", "Unzu moon", "Chrysanthemum" from the inside. There are meanings of harmony and relaxation in the shichiwa sentence, and it is regarded as an auspicious pattern from the fact that "shot arrow does not return back" to Yazaki.

Of course, it is a dish that you can use as a variety of gifts (such as inner celebration, wedding, wedding, retirement congratulation, graduation congratulation etc) for yourself.

■ Point ■
A covering glass is one in which layers of glass of different colors are formed. In this case, the outside of the transparent glass is covered with red glass. So by cutting the surface by sculpture, the transparent glass below shows the figure.
Since the pattern is designed with only sculpture, there is no discoloration due to cleaning / aged deterioration which tends to be in the cup of normal printing. Also, we are not using ink etc, so it is hygienically clean.

■ Precautions ■

· Because it is a handmade item, the expression is different one by one. There may be color shades, bubbles, mottle, but they are specifications on glass manufacturing. There is no harm in using.

· When washing, please avoid dishwashers such as dishwashers and gently rinse with a soft sponge.

· There is a possibility that the size changes slightly on manufacturing of the glass which becomes the material.

· Please contact us within 7 days after the arrival of the work, if different works arrived · defective item · damage at the time of delivery · scratches etc.

- We do not accept returned goods by self-circumstances such as different from the image.

- Product images may be subject to corrections such as brightness for improved viewability.

· Due to the relationship of the figures, slight deviation of the design may occur on part of the side of the glass.


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