March 8th is Mimosa Day Mimosa Flower Embroidery Production Kit Outline For those who want to embroider firmly

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Art Fiber Edo
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March 8th is Mimosa Day Mimosa Flower Embroidery Production Kit Outline For those who want to embroider firmly


💛 [Mimosa flower embroidery production kit_Large frame] [Enlarged popular mimosa flower embroidery] The canvas of this kit is a little larger, 19 cm long and 13 cm wide. The production time is about one and a half hours, and it is a kit for such people who are a little unsatisfied with the amount of mimosa flowers in the petite frame. 1️⃣ [Outline of work] A kit for embroidering mimosa flowers on a large frame / oval type embroidery frame. The size of the embroidery amount is 19 cm in length and 13 cm in width, which is two or three times the size of the small mimosa embroidery amount. The embroidery thread that expresses mimosa flowers is Art Fiber Endo's three colors of moor embroidery thread. * The kit includes the required amount of the above three colors of thread wrapped in a card. Mole embroidery thread is a fluffy and fluffy thread. In France it is called Chenille, a caterpillar thread. You can express a plump stitch just by stabbing with a French knot, and it is the best material for beginners to embroider. Mimosa flower embroidery looks just like a real mimosa flower 😄 2️⃣ [Production commentary] 1. Copy the design onto the fabric and attach the fabric to the oval embroidery frame. 2. Embroider the stems and leaves of mimosa with outline stitches and straight stitches using green rayon embroidery thread. 3. Along the embroidered stem, use yellow moor embroidery thread on the left and right in order to stab mimosa flowers one by one with French knots. 4. Finally, attach the yellow silk ribbon with a bow under the stem of the mimosa to complete the process. ⚠️_ [Mimosa Large Frame Kit] differs from [Small Mimosa Embroidery Frame Kit] in the following points. ① Differences in size and shape (2) The embroidery thread that pierces the stem is not a thin silk thread, but a slightly thick rayon thread. ③Mole embroidery thread that stabs flowers is in two colors ④ The point where the ribbon was added Except for the above points, the large frame kit has the same production procedure as the small mimosa flower embroidery frame kit, so we will introduce the production video and commentary site of the small mimosa embroidery frame as a reference for production. 📺 [Production video] 📋 [Commentary site] Posted on media platform [note] 📦 [What is included in the kit] 💛 1 Various embroidery threads a). Thread for mimosa flowers AFE mall embroidery thread 2 colors for each flower 2.5m (with card winding) b Thread for mimosa leaf stem AFE rayon embroidery thread Common to each flower 1 color Green 5m c). Ribbon at the base of mimosa AFE silk ribbon Each flower 1 color 60cm d). Thread for backing 3m 💛 2. Forehead for embroidery 1 large 19 cm long 13 cm wide 💛 3. 1 linen cloth 💛 4. Design 💛 5. Embroidery needle In addition to mimosa, we also have a lavender rose kit. We would appreciate it if you could visit the shop gallery of Art Fiber Endo.


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March 8th is Mimosa Day. Why don't you make mimosa flowers that herald the arrival of spring with Art Fiber Endo's mall embroidery thread? Very easy to make


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