Slim mini wallet (Italian leather MAINE) Compact wallet

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Slim mini wallet (Italian leather MAINE) Compact wallet


Made by Tempesti, Italy A slim mini wallet made from MAINE. A feeling of compact size that can be carried in a mini bag, As a sub-wallet for a little outing or shopping Simple design that makes it easy to take out cards so that you can use it did. Please use a coin pocket in the center and cards and banknotes on both sides. In addition, the leather used is With the traditional method called "pit tanning" It is made by carefully soaking it in plant tannins. Not only the strength of the fiber, but also the kindness and beauty High quality Italian leather. The color is ・ Lime green (Silver fastener) ・ Peach (gold fastener) ・ Iceland blue (Silver fastener) It is a popular color lineup in our workshop. Please enter your desired color in the remarks column. Also, You can also change the color of the fastener metal fittings, In that case, please tell us in the remarks column. Material: MAINE made by Tempesti, Italy Metal fitting color: Silver(Iceland blue, lime green) Gold (Peach) Size (when closed): Length about 9 cm Width about 12 cm Thickness about 2 cm (thick part) Number of cards that can be stored: 3 to 6 Coin pocket: Approximately 15 coins Number of banknotes stored: Approximately 6 (It will increase or decrease depending on the number of stored items) <Handling of leather products> We handle it at our workshop The product uses natural leather. If it gets wet with water, it may cause "water stain". Please note that it may happen. <About care> For bloom (Wax and oil) floating white on the leather surface, You can expect a protective effect in itself. Same as bridle leather It will come off naturally as you use it, Until it is completely removed so as not to spoil the texture We recommend that you refrain from applying moisturizing cream or wax. (The color of the product may become darker.) <About the look of leather> "Unraveled" leather No surface treatment with pigments, etc. It features a very natural texture. The original surface condition is restored by painting Because it is not cheated, on the surface Living wounds, wrinkles, blood vessel marks, shades of color, brand (branding iron), etc. The animal's former appearance, Various features that can be known, It represents a "living proof". Not completely plain like our human skin No other one is the same. so that Please buy leather goods For our customers These characteristics are unique to each individual in advance As a "charming point" Thank you for your warm understanding and understanding. Thank you.


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