<Sparkle of the Universe> Halloween Opal Nonhole Piercing / Earrings October Birthstone

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&lt;Sparkle of the Universe&gt; Halloween Opal Nonhole Piercing / Earrings October Birthstone


~ ~ ~ ❄ + 300 yen wrapping possible ♪ ~ ~ ~ ************ A transparent ground color with pale gold or white series color and carefully selected rocks with beautiful green, blue, cyan and orange color play effects that emerge as if the light fairy is playing around I will. Genuine gold plated screw pin earring, gold plated pipe type earrings or 14KGF stud earrings changeable ~ (Please be sure to fill in the remarks column) Metal fitting part material: K14 Gold Filled (Piercing part: resin, gold plating) Overall size: about 12 to 14 mm Stone: (Because opal is soft stone, it may not be true circle) (Round) Ethiopian opal: about 4 - 4.5 mm (unstained) Opals are characterized by different colors depending on light and angle ~ ★ Opals are the only gems that contain moisture in jewelry, some jewelry shops and others have moisture, there are places to put water bottles and glasses (do not put them directly into the water!). Please be careful not to put it in a dry place because there is a case that the cracks may get muddy when the moisture runs out ************ Taking advantage of opportunities and opportunities, we will continue to realize the desire at the heart of the heart. The water opal reveals the desire at the center of the heart, affirmingly as "it is yourself" and gives a lot of power and opportunity to approach its original shape, reliable beautiful It is a stone. If you embrace this stone, you will receive absolute love for yourself, including your heartfelt wish, and feel comfortable from the bottom of my heart that "this wish can be granted" that you want to proceed with confidence You will be able to head towards the direction. Not only can you enjoy the feeling of liberating that you get permission to be as it is, you are as good as yourself, but also the energy and motivation that makes your body choked to challenge a variety of things, the stone But there are. The sense of fear of "Is not it going well" or "the wish that such wishes come true, worth being of yourself" is gone, the guilt feeling disappears, and what remains behind is pure light itself You should feel it is yourself. It is the stones that you would like us to wear to those who would like to enjoy life while realizing that they are loving and being alive and being alive, attracting those opportunities and opportunities as desired while drawing. ************


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