Crystal and iolite Clip-On/ earrings

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Crystal and iolite Clip-On/ earrings


Earrings featuring the September birthstone "Iolite". Iolite is called "water sapphire" or "sea sapphire" because of its fresh blue color. *** *** [Cordierite] It is also called "the compass of life, dreams, and purpose" and "the stone of vision." It also sharpens sensibilities, brings about a sense of normality, and leads to essential solutions. ★ Effect ★ ・ Advance in the right direction toward the goal ・ Get rid of negatives ・ Peace of mind ···Such *** *** And one crystal which is the birthstone (power stone) of April. *** *** <Crystal> April birthstone A versatile stone that brings all your wishes and power A versatile stone that demonstrates its power in every situation. It cleanses the negative energies that you shouldn't have, such as past dislikes, tiredness, and stress. Then, the stones to be combined are highlighted to make it easier to exert energy. <Recommended at such times> ・ When purifying ・ When you want to develop your potential ・ For meditation ・ When you want to exhale negative energy <Keyword> Versatile, clean, purifying, active *** *** Metal parts that look good on these natural stones are combined to create a swaying earring. It is useful in both casual and formal occasions. Whether you have your hair down or up-style, your pierced earrings will brighten your face. We also have necklaces that can be used as a set with earrings / earrings. ★ Can be changed to pierced earrings (hook type). Please let us know by message when you place an order. <Free replacement of metal fittings-People with metal allergies can wear it with confidence-> You can choose your favorite metal fittings (shape). ★ Please let us know your desired metal fittings when ordering ★ === 1. Earrings (screw spring type / plated (K16GP)) 2. Earrings (non-hole pierced earrings / made of resin) 3. Earrings (hook type / plating (K16GP)) 4. Earrings (stud type / plated (K16GP)) 5. Earrings (hook type / made of titanium) 6. Earrings (hook type / made of resin) 7. Earrings (hook type / K14GF (gold field)) + ¥ 440 === * K16GP is a special coating that uses 16-karat gold. Compared to normal plating, it has a gloss and shine, and it lasts for a long time (the degree of deterioration changes depending on how it is used). * Gold filled is a gold layer that is crimped to a material (brass) with high heat and pressure. If the weight of the gold layer is 1/20 or more of the total weight including the material, it is gold filled. Is called. 14 / 20K means that more than 1/20 of the total weight of the product is 14K gold. Since the gold layer is much thicker than gold-plated, there is almost no worry that it will come off even after long-term use, and you can easily enjoy the brilliance of real gold. It is widely used in Europe and the United States because it does not cause metal allergies. ★ Size: Overall length about 6.5 cm (excluding earrings / pierced earrings) ★ Material: Natural stone (crystal, iolite) Metal parts ★ Metal fitting color: Gold * This work will be sold as a pair (both ears). [Points to keep in mind when purchasing] * Since it is made by hand, the color and shape may differ slightly depending on the work and the left and right earrings (or earrings). * The colors on the screen may look different from the actual ones. If you have any questions, please contact us.


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All works are carefully made with all my heart. Please enjoy the handmade texture.


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