As a cat Tathagata small cat Buddha image object, as a memorial of a cat of love

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It is a cat Buddha image that imagined Tathagata, "White Cat Tathagata", "Black Cat Tathagata". I li


As a cat Tathagata small cat Buddha image object, as a memorial of a cat of love


I think that the reasons why cats are born are various. Because the cat Tathagata produced as an object (Buddha image), I think that home use will be the basis. "Occasionally going out." I thought that it will make you feel like it, so I put a Vatican so you can use it as a pendant through a chain or string. In this way you can always spend time together. You can choose either "Black Cat Tathagata" or "White Cat Tathagoe" so please fill in the remarks column when ordering. ※ Since the chain is not attached, please contact us if you need one. ※ There is a wooden table (length 6 × width 6 × height 1 cm) in the image, we will put up. ◆ Material: Silver 925 (Cat Takara) / brass (double circle, lotus) Black finish, white finish Dimension: Total Length About 27 Width Approximately 14 Thickness Approximately 14 (mm) ◆ Weight: About 12.5 g ◆ Delivery: It will be about 3 weeks after payment is confirmed. Regarding wrapping, we are sorry very much, but please understand beforehand because it does not correspond. 【About quality】 All material of DaDa does not put material notation (silver etc). Because we believe that notation of material is not worth it, but its work itself is worthwhile. We are confident in quality, we have put a free quality guarantee on all products you purchased. 【Features of brass】 Because brass reacts with ingredients in the air and has the property of dullening or darkening, so that you can enjoy the scratches engraved while you use it and the texture of the color changing to antique gold etc. , We are making the characteristics of brass thinking as the taste of the material. 【About brass care】 Since brass is weak against moisture and salt, if you leave it for a long time without care, oxidation and sulfurization of the metal surface will proceed and a blue-green rust called green patch may occur, so use for a long time When it is not possible to wipe with moisture and dirt with a soft cloth, we recommend that you keep it in a place with low humidity and good ventilation. When dullness or discoloration is anxious, you can take dullness, darkening, etc., if you brush with a commercially available brass polish etc. The texture of a changing color is one of the charms of brass, but I hope you enjoy enjoying being your favorite texture by being careful occasionally.


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