Kimono Odor Bag Small Accessories Calling Happiness Flower Pattern

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WATALIS products are selected as souvenirs when the Governor of Miyagi Prefecture visits overseas. It was handed over from Taiwan Governor Miyagi Prefecture to the President of Taiwan. "One and only" "Nostalgic new beauty" "Polite



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Kimono Odor Bag Small Accessories Calling Happiness Flower Pattern


<Japanese accessories that decorate everyday life> It is a smell bag using kimono. Utilizing a kimono that sleeps in a cocoon, we are making products that respect the small old cloth, keeping the legend of elderly women in Watari Town, Miyagi Prefecture, saying “Don't throw away the cloth to wrap three red beans”. Please enjoy beautiful Japanese designs selected from many old kimonos. <Happy sign Kichijou pattern> A congratulatory pattern often used as a sign of happiness, and knowing the meaning of Japanese patterns also leads to a deep touch on Japanese culture that has been passed down since ancient times. <Scent of lavender potpourri to heal your heart> We put domestic lavender potpourri. Lavender has the effects of nerve stabilization, antibacterial / sterilization, anti-inflammation, etc. and is said to have various effects. ・ Relax your body and mind to calm your mood ・ Seduce nerves and relieve stress ・ Encourage sleep ・ Improve immunity ・ Insect protection ・ Sterilize and purify the surrounding air, eliminating the smell of pets and tobacco <Free to use> A cute smell of kimono. You can enjoy the scent of healing anytime and anywhere in the bag or in the desk drawer. If you put it in a closet, your clothes will always have a natural lavender scent. It is a work that can be used widely from children to the elderly, and is appreciated by both everyday use and gifts. <Gathering fun, looking happy> If you collect scented bags of various colors, you can change the way you feel the day, change the pattern depending on where you put it, and expand the range of usage. Kissho pattern kimono that will delight your eyes is an item that brings you a happy image just by looking at it. *The photograph is an image. Products are sold one by one. [Material] Kimono place [Size] Vertical 8㎝ x Horizontal 6㎝ <Notes on purchase> * Since everything is manufactured by hand, please understand that the size, shape and pattern of each work differ slightly. * Only when you get a kimono with good condition rarely, we will produce multiple works from the same kimono. Please note that depending on the cutting position of the fabric, we may deliver works with slightly different patterns. * Please note that the photo and the actual item on the screen may look different in color and texture. If you are interested, please contact us or refrain from dealings. * Please be aware that there are many cases where the material cannot be specified because there are many second-hand goods and there are no indications on the kimono fabric used as the material. In addition, we remake after thoroughly inspecting and processing such as washing. Some fabrics may lose color or shrink when wet, so please be careful when handling them. ※ As we sell in other sites, please forgive when sold out.


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