Bandana style collar for goldfish pattern cats Safety buckle safety collar

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It is a bandana style design to become a landmark when you get lost and lead to earlier protection. A soft and light col


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Bandana style collar for goldfish pattern cats Safety buckle safety collar


A bright lemon is based on blue green and it is a fresh Bandana style collar. Minimize the stress so that you can turn on from everyday. It is light and soft, and it is designed to eliminate unnecessary decoration as much as possible. The main body is made of cotton which realizes good touch · easy to clean · durability. The adjuster part is a small safety buckle which is off by a load of 3 kg and it is more soft attachment. Adjusters, parts of the Sarkan are made of resin and metal allergic cats are safe. It is lightweight and soft with a weight of about 6 to 8 g in all, with a design that omits extra decoration as much as possible, we try to minimize the stress of cats so that it can be attached at all times from everyday. 【Size】 Free size: Collar inside dimension 22 ~ 29 cm (For cats with neck circumference 20 ~ 28 cm) If you wish to order a size, you will need a customized fee separately, so please contact us from the inquiry form. <About the neck of a feline sodate> Felisodate is making collars with a cat eye, from the viewpoint that "cats are originally a creature who dislikes the collar". It is a bandana-like shape aimed at being able to distinguish it as a domestic cat even from a distance when she gets lost. Various patterns are prepared to make it easy to identify individuals by patterns and to make it easy to convey the characteristics of patterns. <Note> When fitting a collar, the condition that two to three human fingers enter is just size, but there are individual differences by cats. Especially observe the situation especially in the beginning, if you dislike, please revise opportunities when in a good mood. If you tend to be very short hair type, biting habit, monkey shoulder, less gaps, long hair kind with more gaps, etc. Please adjust frequently, please find the right size. Because of handmade goods that are handmade one by one, there may be some errors with regard to size. Also, depending on the place of use and the size of the fabric, the patterns are different each way. It is also possible to post attendance at your additional fee. Please do not hesitate to consult us. * Depending on the environment you view, the pictures and colors you see may look different. ※ There is no guarantee that all cats do not dislikes.


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