Italian leather 2 way handle circle tote bag macaron orange

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It is a tote bag that can be used in 2 way as a shoulder bag when you hold the handle and hold it in a basket like a hand bag, and slide it into a ring. The look of nubuck leather like candy macaroons is wonderful.


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Italian leather 2 way handle circle tote bag macaron orange


[2way tote bag of macaron color] The main material is the finest cowhide made in the Santa Croce region in Italy, with a focus on plant tannin tanning. It has a unique nubuck finish on the surface, with a delicate coloring of dye only. This unique textured leather is combined with Rayon Shantin's shiny fabric to create a bag with a sleek presence like Macaron. This color is made with the image of "orange and chocolate". We also accept the color change of inner cloth. □ Size: Body height 23 (not including the handle), gusset (round gusset diameter 16 cm), maximum width 32 cm □ Handle length: 30.60 cm □ Material: Italian Leather (Oil Nubuck Nume Leather) □ Weight: about 320 g □ Color: Pink [Handle can be used in 2 way] Repeatedly, it is just a good length as a handbag. You can use it as a one-shoulder bag by extending it into one. [When choosing genuine leather products, what you want to know] Do you know that even if you say "leather", there is a big difference in its nature and price? In fact, even if it is displayed as "leather products", the prices are quite different. Although the difference in price depends on the design and production process, it is not uncommon for the same leather to make a difference of more than 10 times, even in comparison with the term "material cost of leather". Why is there so much difference? The reasons are described below. Leather is roughly divided into two methods. "Chromium tanning" and "plant tannin tanning". Currently, the most widely distributed leather in the market is chrome forgery that has been deceived using chemical components. Chrome tanned leather has the advantages of uniform finish, flexibility and heat resistance. In addition, the cost is low because it is finished in a large amount in a short time, but on the other hand, it is also a leather that is hard to come out with the "aging change" which is the taste of using genuine leather. Aged scratches and dirt remain unchanged as scratch dirt and appear as "deterioration" in the eye. In other words [chrome leather is a stable material suitable for mass production, I think that it can be said that the most beautiful leather when finished]. On the other hand, leather that has been deceived using plant astringent is called "Nume leather". Nume leather is a recipe from ancient times. The texture of the raw hide is fixed, so it is easy for natural wounds and blood marks to come out, and the softness varies depending on the site. The cost is high because it takes a long time to finish, and it is hard to say that it is a stable material, but it is a leather that allows you to enjoy the "aging over time", such as changing the gloss over time and increasing the depth of color. [Nume leather is not perfect when it is handed, but I think it can be said that leather that attachment increases over time. "Because I have a leather product, I want you to choose a leather that can taste the change by using it for a long time" From such an idea, the work of KALEIDOSCOPE is focused on "Nume leather". [The beginning is a smooth texture of the bare skin, but it will be polished by friction while using it, and a gloss will be created] You can enjoy the change from day to day. ※ Even if stains can be formed, they will grow into deep luster by thinking and using the process of aging. [If you are looking for an intact leather product, please refrain from purchasing] Since natural leather is finished in a state of raised, there are natural scars and unevenness, etc., but I cut it in a state including scratches. Please note that some minor scratches. It is anxious place if it considers it as "scratch", but this is also a proof that this leather was alive. It is unique to this Nume leather that you can enjoy scratches and unevenness as the only thing. [Commitment to metal fittings] All fittings other than the base and the insert lock use solid brass of brass. Brass is considered to be a "lucky metal" in the West, and was also used as a talisman. [Committee of production] * Manually as much as possible. From making the pattern paper to cutting the leather, I'm particular about making it as much as possible by hand cutting with a leather knife that I sharpened myself.


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