Sun and moon Sunstone and moonstone Silver earrings

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Sun and moon Sunstone and moonstone Silver earrings


We made pierced earrings for the sun and the moon with milky white moonstones that look like the moonlight and glittering orange sunstones! Sunstone was revered in ancient Greece as the stone of the sun, the stone of victory. Sunstone is a joyful stone that reminds you of the sun and purifies all chakras so that you can regain your true self and shine. In addition, the crystal that is strong against chances will increase confidence and positivity and lead to victory and success. It will be a very encouraging ally for you without confidence or courage ... It is a natural stone that makes you feel the power of the big sun. The sunstone used this time is called mica sunstone, which is a very rare sunstone. It is more transparent than normal sunstone. It is a very beautiful sunstone where you can see the rainbow depending on the angle. The orange inclusions shine like stars, which is fantastic. The glittering sunstone is exactly the stone of the sun! It is a gemstone recommended for those who want to rejuvenate their body and soul. Moonstone has a peaceful power to sink various conflicts and collisions with waves similar to moonlight. The soft and gentle glow makes you feel mysterious and gentle like the moon. Moonstone calms the feelings and gently guides the mind. Moonstone is a gemstone that has been loved since ancient times as a stone of luck and a sacred stone. It shows its power when you want to deepen your affection with your loved ones and lovers. It became a very nice earring full of the power of the sun and the moon. Do you not feel the mystery of the universe? size: Sunstone size Approximately 0.5 cm in diameter The size of the moonstone is about 0.9 cm in length and about 0.5 cm in width. Height of silver stand about 0.3 cm [Notes on purchase] ● Since the stones used are natural, we will deliver cracks and inclusions in their natural state. Please note that there may be some cracks. ● Because it is handmade, there may be some darkening and scratches, but please note this point. ● Sterling silver (Silver 925) may discolor. Especially in the summer, it may get wet with sweat, so wipe it gently with a jewelry cloth after wearing it. Also, when not worn, it can be used habitually for a long time by storing it in a bag that can be adhered so that it does not come into contact with the air. Please avoid wearing it when bathing in hot springs containing sulfur components. ● When cleaning, use a silver cloth or cleaning solution. ● Please note that the impression may differ slightly from the actual product due to light reflection, etc. Also, depending on the performance of the monitor you are using, the color of the image may look slightly different from the actual one. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


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We made pierced earrings of the sun and the moon with milky white moonstone that looks like the moonlight and glittering orange sunstone!


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