RLL.S Limited Original Pearl Garnet and Clover Really Painless Non-Hole Pierce January Birthstone

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RLL.S Limited Original Pearl Garnet and Clover Really Painless Non-Hole Pierce January Birthstone


~~~❄ +300 yen for wrapping♪~~~ ************ When you actually use resin non-hole earrings and earring parts such as screw spring type earrings, there are problems such as easy removal and cracking, and those with thick ear lobes are still painful. So I made this non-hole type earring. It's easy to put on and doesn't really hurt. It's very comfortable to wear and it looks like it's not attached~~~ Please try it ************ ❄ How to attach (Be sure to attach it correctly!) a First, find the thinnest part of your ear and insert it from there. b Slowly and slowly slide it to the position you want to install. cIf the metal fittings are brought close together and adjusted, it is completed. For those with thin ears, the width should be shortened, and for those who feel pain, open the width slightly to fit the ears. ★ Spreading the bracket with both hands ✖✖✖ may deform the bracket or remove the pearl, so be sure to use it with one hand (the thumb is on the clover side and the index finger is on the pearl side). ★Repeatedly bending and stretching may cause metal fatigue and may break, so make a few minor adjustments and use the same width at the beginning. Metal part material: K14 Gold Filled with excellent durability stone: Garnet (drop briolet cut): Approx. 7-8mm (Pure natural, no dyeing, so each color and cut will be different, so please purchase before purchase.) Freshwater pearl: about 3.5-4mm Shape: Button Loose spots and scratches: Almost none Teri: Very strong Overall size: About 2-2.5 cm ************ Garnet: A "fruity symbol" that brings constant love and deep ties It is a stone that is said to have the power to activate and clean the blood circulation. Garnet is a stone that has the power to activate both physical and mental energy. It raises a positive feeling toward living and transforms negative emotions such as fear and anxiety into bright energy. It is a stone that links your current hardship to the results, so it is also recommended as a deciding course and amulet for important projects. It is a stone that enhances your energy and is a very good amulet for childbirth. This stone has been used as an amulet since ancient times because it has the power to protect its owner from negative energy. It is a stone that is said to bring "a positive change, like winter changes to spring," because it raises the feeling of loving people and the generous heart. Garnet, which is well known as the birthstone of January, is said to be a “symbol of fruitfulness”, and it is said that it will lead to success by aiming for the goal, fruitful results of efforts accumulated. In addition, the effect of this "nutrition" will also help the fulfillment of love. In the old tradition, it is said that garnets are given as a vow to reunite with an important person, or they are used as a sign of friendship, and they are sometimes expressed as a deep "bond". Therefore, it can be said to be a power stone that symbolizes "one-time love" that deepens love with loved ones. Those who wish for lasting love with loved ones should wear it as an accessory.


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