[Made to order] Achievements and secure support XPERIA 1ii (mark2) dedicated custom-made wooden case

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Wood & Leather Goods LIFE
Wood & Leather Goods LIFE
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[Made to order] Achievements and secure support XPERIA 1ii (mark2) dedicated custom-made wooden case


※about shipping cost Shipping within Japan will be arranged by Sagawa Express. For overseas shipping, we will usually ship by international mail without tracking. If you are in a hurry, please use "express delivery". * This product is a custom-made wooden case for XPERIA 1ii. Please check the model you are using before purchasing. ◆ Compatible models Docomo XPERIA 1ii SO-51A Released on June 18, 2020 au by KDDI XPERIA 1ii SOG01 Released on May 22, 2020 [Episode related to the work] goes back to 2009, the era of iPhone 3G. When I was contracting to produce art, I exhibited a wooden case, a wooden ring, and wooden miscellaneous goods for iPod nano, which were made by reusing scraps on a table of about 50 cm at the place where the teachers' works were exhibited. It was introduced in magazines and TV, etc. We were in good shape and created and unveiled a wooden case for the iPhone 3G, which had a beautiful curved surface at that time. For more than 10 years since then, each company has developed a total of 178 types of wooden cases for smartphones, and has manufactured and sold more than 13,400 in total, but even now, we are developing it in order to suppress the properties of solid materials by making various ingenuity. We have completed a beautiful case that continues to create a [U-shaped structure] and is polished by the current solid wood carving with a hardening agent and construction method that impregnates it. 【Description of item】 It is a custom-made wooden case for exclusive use of XPERIA 1ii designed based on the image of XPERIA. The smooth feel and the texture of the wood are exquisite. -Adopt the velor used for the billiard stand! The velor used in our design miscellaneous goods is the finest velor used in the pool table. Using the finest materials This is also one of LIFE's [stickiness]. ● Surprisingly slim! And increased rigidity !!! Our unique [U-shaped design] has made it slim even though it is a 100% wood product, so we have improved the fit and reduced the deformation of the wood. ● Even the buttons are made of wood. We are particular about the feel of the buttons that can be made from the experience of making the design case series ♪ Click ♪ Click ♪ ● Reduced shading of the camera !! [U-shaped design] allows you to secure a large camera hole, and it is a design that does not affect shooting. ● Uses a curing agent that complies with the Food Sanitation Law It is an expensive hardener used for wooden bowls and plates, and fills the conduit to prevent the movement of the tree. Since it complies with the [Food Sanitation Law], which is safe to put in the mouth, it can be used as a wooden product that is kind to the human body. ● The best feel that makes you want to stroke In order to avoid changes in the texture due to painting, our products are not painted, but are polished by hand to give a final finish. Please enjoy the finest texture. ● What is natural wood / solid shaving? All of our products are commercialized by scraping wooden boards. We are particular about unpainted natural wood because you can gradually feel the change in color and texture when you use it. I would like everyone to enjoy the fun of innocent products. This is also LIFE's [stickiness]. 【Product Details】 Product name: Custom-made wooden case for XPERIA 1 ii Material: African mahogany External dimensions: Width 80 mm x Length 176 mm x Thickness 13.5 mm * Dimensional error ± 0.5 mm Weight: Around 49.8g * Customers who wish to have the Laser engraved can install it by paying the [Option: Laser engraved] together. Once your order is confirmed, you can check the engraved image on the image.


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A hobby decorated with handmade gems


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