Maru Yachimun style Kintsugi line Ceramic pony hook or hair tie ( brown black beige ) gold gold light blue green green hair accessories

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1~3 天前
Maru Yachimun style Kintsugi line Ceramic pony hook or hair tie ( brown black beige ) gold gold light blue green green hair accessories


Thank you for visiting from among the many shops! Yachimun-style hair band ◎ After molding from 1 and carefully sanding, Draw a circle in the center with a pale greenish light blue glaze, Hemmed around. The overlapping condition and the light and shade of the glaze are beautiful. Kintsugi is applied to the side and the surface slightly. Gold shines even when viewed from the side, He/she directs good quality. Many people have a heavy image of pottery, It has a light feel of 7g. Easy to use size, Easy to match with other outfits It's a simple design. As it is calm color taste, It can be used by people of all ages. All relish works are one-of-a-kind, Those who do not want to be covered with people, Recommended as a gift for someone special. The crack pattern that appears on the surface of pottery is unique to pottery. Please enjoy the unique luster and depth of color of the pottery. This is, [Pony hook] or [Hair rubber (black, brown, beige)] You can choose from Please refer to the image. You can attach the pony hook to your own rubber. Just put your hair together and put the pony hook on the elastic. For a stylish and tasteful outfit It is convenient because you can tie the hair elastic as it is ◎ It has a modern Japanese atmosphere, so it can be used for everyday use, It can also be used for Japanese clothing such as kimonos and yukatas. The metal fittings on the back side will be coated with resin three times. ……………… Size: Pottery part → length 25mm, width 32mm ……………… * The back side and metal fittings are reinforced with UV resin. Please understand that the resin may protrude slightly. *Kintsugi is a traditional Japanese technique that uses lacquer and gold powder to restore the beauty of ceramics damaged by chips, cracks, cracks, etc. * We use new lacquer and gold powder (brass powder) that does not cause rashes, instead of real lacquer. *Excuse me, but in order to prevent trouble, please be sure to read the precautions at the time of purchase and accept them before purchasing. <About shipping> ・Estimated shipping is within 1 to 5 days after purchase. (Excluding Saturdays and Sundays) We would like to deliver it to you as soon as possible, but please understand that we are working alone from production to shipping, so please understand that the number of days is flexible. If you are in a hurry, please contact us before purchasing. ・For shipping, after wrapping in a transparent bag, we will wrap it in a bubble wrap and put it in a cardboard box and send it to you. ・Items purchased in the same cart will be shipped together. If you purchase in a separate cart, it will be shipped separately, but shipping costs will apply. ・If the product is returned due to a mistake in the registered address, etc., the customer will be responsible for the shipping fee for resending. (It will be shipped by cash on delivery.) <About exchanging messages> ・Since I am raising a child, I may not be able to reply immediately. We will contact you within 24 hours. <About the product> ・If you apply strong force, it may be damaged, so please handle it gently. ・Please note that if you rub the kintsugi part strongly or leave it in water for a long time, it may come off. ・Depending on the monitor, brightness, and screen environment you are viewing, the actual color may differ slightly from the actual product. ・Except for the case that the product is defective, we do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer's convenience. If you have any questions, please message me before leaving a review. ・There are individual differences in allergies to metals, resins, and lacquer, so please refrain from using if it does not suit your skin. We are very sorry to inform you that you have an allergy, but we will not be able to accommodate you. Please refrain from purchasing if you are concerned. ・I would appreciate it if you could understand that the unevenness of the glaze is unique to handmade products. <others> ・We do not include a statement of delivery. ・Receipts cannot be issued. ・Please be sure to select metal fittings as an option. ・We will repair items within 30 days of purchase free of charge. The customer is responsible for shipping costs, except in the case of an initial defect. ………………………… Kintsugi Kintsugi Kintsugi hair accessories Kintsugi accessories Kintsugi hair elastics Kintsugi hair accessories Kintsugi hair accessories Kintsugi hair elastics Pottery hair accessories Pottery hair elastics Pottery accessories Pottery Ceramic pieces Resin accessories Resin hair accessories Resin hair elastics Yachimun Yachimun style Yachimun hair accessories Yachimun hair elastics Yachimun accessories Individuality Unique hair accessories Unique hair accessories Gold Gold Adult cute Kimono accessories Yukata accessories Adult outfit Kimono hair accessories Kimono hair elastic Yukata hair elastic Yukata hair accessories Hair accessories Japanese modern Japanese modern accessories Japanese modern hair accessories Japanese modern hair accessories Japanese clothing Japanese clothing coordination Retro Japanese clothing accessories Japanese accessories pre-wedding shoot wedding ceremony spring summer autumn winter sea second party popularity trend birthday mother's day graduation ceremony entrance ceremony event party invitation bridal bride formal adult cute popular elegant fashionable fashionable simple office one and only craft traditional craft pottery valentine valentines day christmas date topic SNS sum new year furisode coming-of-age celebration preparation for entrance to school preparation for entering kindergarten employment celebration wedding celebration shichi-go-san light blue green porcelain hair accessories porcelain hair elastic porcelain pony hook kintsugi pony hook kintsugi pony hook pottery pony hook porcelain pony hook porcelain-style pony hook individuality school pony hook pony hook resin pony hook Japanese modern pony hook


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Yachimun style hair tie. After molding from step 1 and carefully sanding, I drew a circle in the center with a pale greenish light blue glaze and bordered it. Kintsugi is applied to the side and the surface slightly. I'm here.


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