HANDROOM 5 Pocket Jeans Awa positive indigo

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HANDROOM 5 Pocket Jeans Awa positive indigo


It looks to seemingly ordinary jeans, but the way of dyeing is different. Rather than the indigo dyeing of general chemical dye, jeans made of fabric of Tokushima Prefecture Awa positive indigo dyeing (Me this indigo dyeing). In Awa Seiai, saying skein dyed (Kasezome), carefully many times has a superimposed dyed by hand-dyed. The yarn, fabric is carefully woven was Good in the same Awa of the workshop over the shuttle loom. Denim itself, but is a cloth to enjoy the fall colors and aging, in particular, Awa positive indigo dyeing, or clear the depth of natural dyed distinctive color slide into what changes, We hope you enjoy. Depending on how to wear a human boulder, but aging is different, we introduce the difference between so-called general indigo-dyed jeans. First of all, because of the carefully manually dyed superimposed skein dyed yarn stage (Kasezome), color to the core of the yarn has been dyed. Therefore, the fall colors of the so-called denim is small, you can enjoy the dark blue of Seiai. Although wearing long long jeans you want to put out the taste, when you have grown up in good condition crowded wear are those that become too casual out strong beard and Atari at the same time. It is a personal experience, but while I would like to wear more, and think about the clothes and wear scene to match, there was also that falls to wear frequency. If this positive indigo jeans, taste is intact, Yuki growing and aging To Jiwarijiwari. Remains of taste not too casual, the long carefully drain off is happy. A purchase brought up, jeans that can be fun long relationship. I wrote to change from dark blue, the way of this change is a positive indigo unique unlike the indigo dyeing. Time missing the "evil" of indigo to the laundry you have more blue is dull. This is called "Aku comes out", it is dropped substance that is not harmonious in every wash is, the color that is more deep will exude. Natural is a dye unique features. And it is a daily wear, from no compromise Good, is the clothes that make me want to wear every day in the sense such as "tool". Neither work taste, nor such as miscellaneous goods clothes, clothes that make me think this is done, you do not have very much. Simple, basic and, darned good material and sewing. Long, clothes you want to wear a lot. Good material, it may be more and more texture. The jeans also is an item like us to meet and fun of the clothes as materials and manufacturing, the fun of Yuku raised narrowing wear tool at the same time. [Material] Cotton 100% 12oz Awa positive indigo Serubitchidenimu


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