Linen waist gather one-piece

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Simple and easy to use item.



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Linen waist gather one-piece


◯ Please tell us the size if there is a color or size when ordering. Since it is also sold at other sites and events, please forgive me when sold out. Since there are sizes and colors sold out, We would appreciate if you could contact us before purchasing. ◯ Made one-piece dress using high-quality linen canvas. 100% linen with excellent water absorption and a slightly thick material, so you may be concerned about the sheer feeling. A natural washer that feels washed out highlights the refreshing sensation, cool in the spring and summer, and worn throughout the year in the fall and winter. Please enjoy the characteristics of the material that changes its expression each time you wash it. The design is a 2-way specification that can be worn both front and back, and can be used as a haori if you wear it with the buttons open. Has become a small stand collar, gathers in the waist. Because the gather is gathered with rubber, it is easy to put on and take off. In addition, there is another ribbon on the waist, so please adjust the waistline and enjoy the waist mark. It is cute even if you browse the waist. A new color, black, is available. Khaki also accepts new orders. As green is in stock, please contact us if you have any requests. There are beautiful and refreshing green and easy to use khaki (mocha). There is also a skirt made of the same material, so you can enjoy link coordination with parents and children. I think that you can wear it for a long time because it is a simple design that never gets tired. ◯ Material: Linen 100% ◯ 1,2 (Child) size ¥ 11,000 + tax / 3,4 (Child) size ¥ 11,500 + tax / S, M (Adult) size ¥ 17,000 + tax ◯ 1 size (80cm-95cm) ・ Length 63cm ・ Width 48cm ・ Length 45cm ◯ 2 size (100cm-115cm) ・ Length 77cm ・ Width 52cm ・ Length 52cm ◯ 3 size (120cm-135cm) ・ Length 91cm ・ Width 56cm ・ Length 59cm ◯ 4 size (140cm-155cm) ・ Length 105cm ・ Width 60cm ・ Length 66cm ◯ S size ・ Length 114cm ・ Width 64cm ・ Length 72cm ◯ M size ・ Length 128cm ・ Width 68cm ・ Length 74cm ◯ model / kids: 8y / 130cm / 3 (120cm-135cm) size ◯ model / lady's: 170cm / M size ◯ Coordinate Private socks etc. ◯◯◯ Notes on purchase ◯◯◯ The size is a guide, so refer to the above dimensions. Please purchase it after comparing it with your existing clothes. * Since it is a textile product, please forgive some errors. The actual color may differ depending on the monitor environment. Please be forewarned. Since it is also sold at events and other sites, please forgive it when sold out.


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