Baby bikini Marin

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Baby bikini Marin


Size: 80~90cm (Tube top: The growth in the chest 45cm~ rubber. Bulma: The growth in the West around 45cm~ rubber. Bonnet: until about newborn-head around 50cm) Age: up to about 1-2 years of age Color: unbleached × dark blue Material: Cotton 100% Washing: please use the dried well sun-dried after hand washing. Not so with a shrink-proof, after washing may shrink slightly. Please note. Please wash are you are in the net when you use the washing machine. Baby bikini weave was produced in unbleached cotton fabric features such as waffle. Of the baby, because there are many bathing at home, cotton bikini is recommended. Since the dry as early airy's easy to thermoregulation is merit. Also natural materials more than anything is a gentle baby also safe to the skin. Cute hand-embroidered ribbon tape of the decoration and the gull and the yacht with the image of the wave becomes the accent. Outstanding presence of one point where you can enjoy a simple and French style. Tube top I think that you can wear without tightening has become a rubber, but it is also possible to adjust the rubber on your own. (Chest If you want to fit snugly, so you can also adjust here before shipping Please enter the size at the time of purchase.) Please make the memories of the summer together a matching bloomers and Bonnet by all means ♡ The item also recommended, such as baby gifts to the summer-born girl. [Recommended Applications] Gifts: baby gifts, birthday celebration, Christmas ※ It is only one point of handling made handmade one by one. There are times when they sold out early. About MTO] In the case of sold out there is a case that can be produced if there is a fabric. If you wish to multiple orders also please feel free to contact us. All we get some of the differences in the pattern and form of dough to become a handling of one point but we offer. Please check the shop guide - Terms of Use from always "ABOUT" before ordering. Please contact us than If there any questions "CONTACT". Origin / production method Origin: Japan handmade


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