Alphabet stud earrings / brass

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Thank you for watching GENAC ROUE products. Binaural earrings carved out of the original alphabet pattern. Designed with plenty of mode to upgrade basic fashion to fashion.



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Alphabet stud earrings / brass


Material Body: brass Post Catch: Silver925 specification Binaural earrings SIZE Body: 1.9cm x 2.0cm Post diameter: 0.95mm Comes with a catch that contains silicon inside. Because it is a catch that is really easy to use without catching hair, Please use it as a catch for your earrings. Brass has the property of reacting with components in the air and darkening or darkening, so you can fully enjoy the scratches that come with you and the texture of the color that changes to old antique gold. Metal. If you are concerned about dullness or discoloration, you can restore the original brightness by polishing it with a polishing cloth. Products will be shipped in a special box. There are various patterns, so look forward to what will arrive. Gift wrapping is also possible. If you have any other concerns, please feel free to contact us! Points to note when purchasing ● Since each photo is produced manually, the details may differ from the photos. ● Please make sure to check the “size” and “material” of your work before purchasing. ● Some colors and textures cannot be expressed in the image. Please note that there may be a slight difference between the actual image and the image. ● Brass is used for the body, silver is used for the post part, and catch part. Please be careful if you have ever felt metal allergy with brass or silver. ● Wrapping will be provided free of charge so that you can give it as a gift. Please indicate in the remarks column. [Brass products] -The color changes to black when exposed to air for a long time. ・ If you repeat accessories such as wearing accessories and leaving them uncleaned, oxidation and sulfidation of the metal surface will progress, and a turquoise rust of greenish blue may occur. Therefore, wipe accessories such as sweat, moisture and dirt with a soft cloth before storing accessories in a place with low humidity and good ventilation. ・ Blackening and patina can be removed by polishing the product with the polishing cloth sent together. (Please note that the product may be damaged if excessive force is applied during polishing.) ・ Do not wear this product when you go to a place with sulfur components such as a hot spring, swimming pool or beach. ・ Please note that the discoloration may suddenly change if you apply cosmetics or sprinkle with perfume after wearing accessories. Origin / production method MADE IN JAPAN / HANDMADE


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